India is a country universally recognized for its heritage, culture and diversity. It can be interestingly called a rainbow of numerous nuances compiled together to represent what everyone can have.

From the monuments to the illustration, from the food to the traditions, India has thrown a carpet of innumerable gems that excites the souls that travel.

Of course, there are many recognized buildings and monuments that seek the attention of a large number of tourists. Among the far stretched list of beautiful structures is the Kumbhalgarh Fort located in Rajasthan . This fort is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India known universally for many characteristics.

Background and Facts About the Strong

Kumbhalgarh Fort  is a well-known Indian heritage built at the end of the 15th century by Rana Kumbha. It is known as one of the forts of Mewar Hill located in the vibrant state of Rajasthan . The captivating architecture, the great beauty and the tales of the heritage make this robust fortress a must see. Speaking of greatness, it comes from the wonderful architecture that gives the testimony of command under whose supervision the fort was brought into being.

There are some more important facts about strength that one should always take note of:

Wall of 36kms-the second largest wall in the world 

Besides the world has the great wall of China, India does not lack behind to represent its capabilities. The Kumbhalgarh Fort constitutes a wall that stretches to 36kms in length, and is 15 feet in width, making it the second largest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China.

According to some concrete facts, this wall was built after many failed attempts after the sacrifice of a pilgrimage in whose honor a sanctuary was built at the main gate.

Great architecture 

The sight fills the lungs of India with pride and joy. In fact, the architecture, structure and design of Kumbhalgarh Fort is something to savor once in a lifetime.

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This fortress was built by the most talented architectures of the time and supervised by Mandan who was known for her mastery of the elements of engineering.

There are 4 main gates in the fort namely aaret, Hanuman, coal and RAM Pol. Then there are several sections of the fort such as Badal Mahal, Kumbha Mahal, etc. The Badal Mahal was the most attractive building constructed by frog Fateh Singh that acts as one of the most impeding forces for intruders.

The most beloved sight 

The tourism percentage faces an increase in the Monsoon season because the more serene and tranquil view of Kumbhalgarh is in that season. A natural happiness, the blue skies stretched, lush green Aravali ranges adds to the natural beauty of the place.

Visitors get to see the quiet environment when the clouds are flying over the fort and the occasional showers happen to complement the general scene.

Something invincible has come

Small things add to beauty. There is a sacred temple inside Kumbhalgarh Fort called Neelkantha Mahadeva holding the faith of the masses. A huge shivaing of approximately 5ft ‘is built inside the temple well.

Travelers also like to visit the wildlife sanctuary that surrounds the fort. Here the Jungle Safari, a variety of animals such as jackal, bear, Nilgai, hyena and Chinkara grabs attention.

Things to do near Kumbhalgarh 

Live the heritage is one thing, but there are many more fun things and activities that visitors would love to take part. Here is a brief look at some things to do near Kumbhalgarh Fort:

Take a tour of the fortress:

Sufficiently obvious? The first and main thing to do in Kumbhalgarh Fort is taking the tour. Explore and observe the work, its sections, large sizes etc. Do not forget to bring your camera and capture all the bits of the great fortress. There are special guides used to give tourists a tour, but it is always good to get lost and explore.

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Visit the Wildlife Sanctuary:

After a wide lens view of the fort, travelers can head towards the surroundings of the Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary. Here one is free to roam in the dense location or take the safari to see fierce and wild animals such as leopards, bears, jackals, hyenas and many more. Hiring a jeep can be convenient as well as charges Rs.800-Rs.1200 / – and only takes you around the sanctuary easily rotates.

Feed the spiritual being:

Some people love to visit temples and shrines, some visit those places to capture what is exceptional and worthwhile. For both cases, there are many temples around the place where travelers can go. Some of these popular temples are Neelkanth Mahadev, Temple, Muchchal Mammadev Mahavir temple which witnesses a large number of followers every now and then.

See the sound and light show:

If you are planning to spend the night near Kumbhalgarh Fort then watching is really interesting light and sound show is a must. The show takes place at night, under the dark sky and all the bright stars. A cake for the eyes!

In honor, Haldi Ghati:

A few kilometers from Kumbhalgarh Fort Haldi Ghati, is what is known as the secret of the entrance to the battlefield where the war raged between the Maharaja Pratap and Akbar. It is also known as Rakht Talai as blood was shed as river during the same war. Although it is not a beauty in sight, but very interesting for lovers of history.

How to get to Kumbhalgarh Fort? 

After arriving in Rajasthan, it is not so confusing to get to Kumbhalgarh Fort, as it is very accessible from multiple cities and towns in the state.

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The airport that falls near Kumbhalgarh Fort  is Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur from where you can book private taxis to reach the destination. This airport is about 110-kms away from the fort.

From Udaipur , it takes about 3 hours, approximately 105Kms, to reach the fort. Booking a private car can cost up to RS. 2500. The state bus also provides the facility to connect with Kumbhalgarh for RS. 150 only.

From Jodhpur , approximately 100kms is calculated to be covered in about 4 hours. Private taxis or cars can be booked under RS. 4500 easily. Another, from Ranakpur, you can reach the fort in 1.5 hours (33kms) by bus or taxi.

In addition, the Falna station is at a distance of 49kms that costs up to RS. 1500 / -to get there by taxi and the Rani station is about 35kms away from where visitors can get a local taxi or rickshaw to get to the destination .

There is only one life and you can not spend watching TV or fiddling with your mobile phones. Kumbhalgarh Fort is an Indian destination that can give you a totally worthwhile experience. Plan you trip to India and visit this immensely beautiful fortress to witness the carved walls, the dense atmosphere, the large segments and what not. The story is not always disappointing, you just need to broaden your horizon.