While the Swachh Bharat Mission (Swachh Bharat Mission) for the last several decades has entered India in the second year, the economy of India has grown rapidly, it is one of the 360 ​​million poor people living in some of the most dangerous situations in the world. The huts have become mandatory and dark sides of our country, which we can not boast.

Slum can be defined as ‘a residential area’ where housing for human habitation is inappropriate because of the lack of hygiene, hypersensitivity, ventilation or sanitation facilities and drinking water facilities in the event of cleanliness.

It is so ironic that the huts of Delhi (like entire India) are the residence of millions of people whose work makes the lives of their best citizens easy and comfortable, but they themselves have to be forced to stay in the worst conditions. They do not have access to basic needs such as functional toilets, reproduction anger, and transition in their daily lives.

Life has not been hidden in the Indian slums, but India wanted to feel the first hand of the beautiful team that what is real life in those hell situations and she chose to visit the Lalbagh Slum area near Azadpur which is only a few kilometers away from Delhi Far from the university’s prestigious northern campus. Lalbaug is the largest hut in Delhi, in which the population is more than 3 lakh and is spread over only one kilometer area.

The world does not look like you think it sounds like this: It is so strange that only a few kilometers can make us different from our normal world. As the India India Beautiful (KIB) team came in deep, it had to experience how hello could be. Dirty stagnant water, perforated drains, narrow alleys, crushed houses, garbage stacks and strong stench. It was all very tremendous as we could with suspicion and feel with thousands of eyes seeing some expectations.But soon we realized that they are all very friendly because they gather around us and share their complaints, and for them there is so much struggle for small and basic things each day.