It is not often that luggage is lost or delivered late on the arrival of your flight. But, although the probability is low, it is a situation that can occur. To avoid the discomfort of not receiving your luggage on time, the best way to make your luggage is to combine your things in several suitcases of people traveling and hand luggage, so even if one of them did not arrive, you would have in another suitcase or in the hand luggage itself the necessary for the first moments in the country.

Do you have to travel with medicines or important documentation? 
Remember: NEVER put in the suitcase that will bill medicines or important documents, because if the suitcase is lost, these medicines would be lost. You should ALWAYS carry them as carry-on luggage .

Remember to take your plane tickets with you when you go to the airport of departure from India.
You cannot access the airport grounds without showing your passport and airline tickets, printed on paper. Therefore, upon your return from the country, your guide will not be able to access the airport and you must say goodbye to him upon arrival at the airport.

If you want to carry your cell phone, don’t forget the charger . It may be difficult or impossible to find that model.
If you want to make calls from India or receive them, you must have the international call service activated. Call your company and ask them to activate the service (it’s called roaming ).
During your trip, remember that if you call the mobile phone the call is charged as follows: the caller from Spain will pay a normal national call, and you will pay the part corresponding to the international call.
Customers traveling with the Geographic Society of the Indies, they receive an Indian SIM card for use during their stay, so that they can make calls at lower cost and be easily reached by family and friends.

NO voltage adapter needed. 220 V is used at 50 Hz). The plugs in India are usually of three inputs (although you will also find them of two, like the ones we use in Spain) and compatible with the electrical appliances that you will take on your trip. If you find three-way plugs, you can use the two below to plug in, bypassing the one above.
And if not, you can always ask at the hotel; They can usually provide you with an adapter or help you solve the problem.

luggage to travel to India

luggage to travel to India

As for any trip, don’t forget your little medicine cabinet. Medicine for diarrhea (also suitable oral serum), strips, analgesics … Obviously, if you take a special medication do not forget to take it: depending on where you are is India it may be impossible to find it.

Remember: NEVER put in the suitcase that will bill medicines or important documents, because if the suitcase is lost or delayed, they would be lost. You should ALWAYS carry them as carry-on luggage.

Keep in mind that in some rural areas it will be difficult or impossible to find some “western” feminine intimate hygiene products.

Essential. In Spain they sell Relec Extrafuerte, especially recommended to avoid mosquito bites even under the most severe climatic and environmental conditions. Protects 6 to 8 hours. Its approximate price is about € 7 each 50 ml container with vaporizer.

It is important to bring sunscreen creams depending on your skin type.


On the plane ticket you can see the luggage allowed by the airline for the flight to India. Each kilogram of excess can be paid very expensive (about 30 euros per kilo). In general, in tourist class, 20 kilos are allowed for check-in and between 7 and 10 kilos as hand luggage. In the case of Business would be about 30 kilos of checked luggage.
If you need to carry a lot of luggage, talk to your Travel Advisor and they will inform you of everything we can do so that your luggage is not a load.


It is not necessary or advisable to change to dollars. The best change is given from euro to rupees, in addition, the change to dollars pays commission twice.