Unlike most countries, when you rent a car in India, you will usually find a driver with it! It can be understood that it may take some time to use it, especially if it is the first visit of India and you have never experienced it. You need to know this.

Why rent a Car and Driver in India ?

Why not just rent a car and drive yourself? Or take the train or fly? Or take a tour? Recruiting a car and driver is ideal for independent travelers who want flexibility and control over their travel schedules, and want ease in travel.

You will be able to stay at places that interest you and do not have to worry about how to walk. While the option of car rental without driver is rising in India, driving is not recommended for mental health and safety reasons, because the roads are often in bad condition and road rules are not often adhered to.Train and aircraft travel is useful to cover long distances, with nothing to look for. However, if you are planning to find different places in states like Rajasthan or Kerala, then it is most understandable to recruit cars and drivers.

The price will depend on the type of car and whether your driver speaks English or not (these drivers usually spend a bit more). Charge is per kilometer, and you will always have to pay the minimum per day (usually 250 kilometers, but especially in South India, more or less can be done), it does not matter how much distance is decided.

Rates for each type of car vary by company and state, although the following is a general estimate.Rates are for travel from destination to destination. They usually include fuel, insurance, toll, state taxes, parking, and driver food and accommodation. Rates for rent are low for sightseeing within a city.

In India any tour company will be able to arrange a car and driver for you, as well as most hotels. However, if something goes wrong (such as a car break or misunderstanding), then you want the business to be responsible for it, not the driver. Rates from the hotel will be even more expensive. Therefore, it is best to book through a reputable company.If necessary, these companies will also organize hotels and guides. At the end of the article some recommendations are provided. Most tourists travel from Delhi and go to Rajasthan, so there are many options in these places. Be sure to do a lot of research and compare it to decide what is best for you.

Independent drivers with their own vehicles are present. However, you will need to contact the right to find them.

Drivers are granted daily allowance (usually a few hundred rupees) to cover the cost of their food and housing by their employers. Some hotels provide different accommodation especially for drivers. However, drivers will usually sleep in their cars to save money.

Foreign tourists are used for equality, often feeling that their drivers should eat with them, especially if they are on the road during lunch. Although it is not ideal in India. Drivers have their favorite places to eat, and they can not be easy for you in India due to social reasons (India is very hierarchically oriented). Although there is no problem asking it. If they are reluctant to accept the invitation, just do not be surprised.

Is it necessary and how much? Your driver will definitely expect a tip. Depending on how happy you are with their services.

What keep in Mind

The situation of roads in India is variable and in some places it may be very bad. It may take longer to reach your destination than expected, so keep this in mind when planning your travel schedule and give enough time. Always do not believe the time of travel shown by Google Maps!

If the comfort is a factor, then it is advisable to pay more to get better vehicle like a huge Toyota Innova or Mahindra Zilo. Roads in poor condition are stupid and the lack of decent suspension in old cars will be very noticeable. Apart from this, most people like to choose an air-conditioned car because the roads and the weather can be hot.

Taxes are expensive for vehicles to cross state boundaries, so check whether it is included in the quoted price or not.

The car will need to return to its initial destination (at your expense), so keep this in mind when planning your trip and budget.

Drivers do not work as guides. They will take care of your itinerary, take you to every destination, and answer the common questions. Although they will not be with you inside monuments and attractions.

Other things to expect

Your driver can invite you to meet your family or eat a house. It can be interpreted as a friendly and warm gesture. However, keep in mind that the drivers usually come from the lower middle class background, and it can be done in the hope that you give them something. Many tourists feel compelled to contribute in some money / financial aid. If you are fine with it, especially if your driver has been honest and helpful, then there is no problem!

Some Recommendation of Car and Driver hire companies in India

1- Incredible Rural India – is a company which is arrange tour and travel services in India. this is the top class company and tripadvisor top listed company in Jaipur Rajasthan. Pricing is competitive and service is personal, with different contact staff for domestic and international tourists. In particular, the company also guarantees that they do not have any commission based relationship with shops or businesses.

2- India Tour By Car and Driver – this company is best choice in Car and driver hire in Jaipur Rajasthan. India tour by car and driver has good reputation in all India and organise tour and travel services to all India.

3- Go Heritage India – is a best option in Car rental and hire Driver in Delhi. Go Heritage India situated in delhi since 2008 and have best team in its company with Professional drivers and clean cars. this is the best Private car and driver hire company in India.

So when will you come india then you can book your Car with Driver and things to keep in mind with hire a agency . your safty is our pride.