Within the month of Kartik, Pushkar city explodes in a vibrant fair and is thus considered to be one of the largest cattle festivals in Asia. In the big luminous turbans, girls in men, girth and colorful bangles gave the fair to the competition a lot of attraction. Camels, horses, cows, pillars, goats, and sheep belong to their master and take part in a grand event. This is primarily dedicated to those animals for a seven-day competition. Primary 5 days to promote and buy cattle. After finishing the deal, the animals prepared the camel significantly and beveled for the competition. Therefore, competition is often known as Pushkar Camel Honesty.

Pushkar is the place where a place for the three R’s faith, ritual, and romance has been made. This small town is colorful with a cultural event when devotees wearing music, musicians, tumblers, people dancers, vendors, humorous, sadhus, and guests come to the fair. Pushkar Camel Fair is an impressive spread by which two lakh people participate and millions of exhibitors enjoy happiness from all over the world. Pushkar is the largest cattle fair in the honest country; Especially meant to enjoy and enjoy.

This silent sleeping village Hamlet will turn into a festoon of extraordinary colors once again in November. Holidays will be good for capturing India’s true magic, grandeur and thriller till the 13th of this month. The second part of the fair or non-secular fair will start in November, devotees will be happy in Pushkar’s holy lake. According to the Hindu chronology, Pushkar Honesty is usually held annually in the month of October or November. Pushkar honest on the planet, with the mobility and power of Rajasthan, the no different festival can be found on the planet.

Surrounded by a peak and vice versa on the three sides, Pushkar is an attractive setting and suitable environment for annual spiritual and camel fairs. It is a world-renowned fair and thus attracts millions of tourists from every nook and corner of the world. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to India within the coming winter, then go for a wonderful fair wrapped in colors, camels and cattle, and honestly honest. Pushkar Fair is a fair which resides in the nature of its authentic people and the last word of India represents the type and tradition of pastor life.

When are the dates of Pushkar Fair 2018

The date of Pushkar Camel Fair is linked to the Hindu calendar. There are two components in the fair – camel trade and religious rituals. Camel trade, which is the main attraction for tourists, occurs on the commencement of the festival and then the wind goes up as a focus in the religious aspect.

Detailed information about Pushkar Fair in 2018

If you are interested in camels (and other livestock), then you should plan to arrive a few days before the official start of the fair. Official dates are when there are government-sponsored cultural activities. However, camel dealers arrive quickly and leave soon. Here’s what you can expect for festivals and during this.

November 12, 2018 – The Camel and cattle traders arriving in Pushkar and establishing their camp on sand dunes.

November 13-14, 2018- Arrival is in progress and increases on the tunes of collected sand. Live business is starting. This is a good time for photography because it is possible to easily walk and observe the scene.

November 15, 2018– there are come most crowd with camels, horses, other livestock, traders and herds.

November 16, 2018– More and more people come to Pushkar, and the official program of camel races, competitions, and other activities begins on the Fair Ground.

November 17, 2018– On the tunes of the sand, the scene camel rides with carriage, vendors, musicians, gypsy, and tourists. Camels and merchants begin to disappear in the desert because their business ends.

November 18-19 2018– The city starts swelling around the market area, especially the temples and the lake because the pilgrims arrive for the religious part of the fair. The official program for tourists is going on in the stadium. Entertainment rides, folk dances, music performances, stalls, and other entertainment that include turban tights and mustache competitions.

November 20, 2018– The city is full of colorful clothes dressed in the entire area, while most of the camels and their herds have left the sand melody.

November 21-22 2018– The city is busy with pilgrims. Bhajan (Bhakti Bhajan) and religious ceremonies are in temples. The most important temple, which is the center of festivity, is devoted to Lord Brahma (Creator) and the religious part of the festival is organized in his honor.

November 23, 2018– It is the night of the holy full moon when thousands of pilgrims gather to take a bath in the lake so that they can free all sins, make the festival very close. There is a grand ending of events including the Maha Martti (the worship of fire) from the lake and fireworks display.

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