Located in Barmer, Rajasthan, Kiradu is famous for its art craft of temples. These temples were built in the 11th century. In fact, Kiradu is also called “Khajuraho of Rajasthan”, but Karma could not get the reputation of Khajuraho as this place is deserted for the last 900 years and today even today there is some excitement, but it is still in the evening It gets deserted, no one here stops after sunset.

Kiradu Temple Rajasthan

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According to historians of Rajasthan, the city of Kiramu was a developed state with its amenities in its time. People from other states used to come here to trade here, but in the 12th century, when Karma was ruled by the Parmar dynasty, then the city becomes desolate. After all, why it is so, its firmness information is not available in history, but there is a trend that is prevailing in this way. This temple, popularly known as Khajuraho temple in Rajasthan, attracts the lovers very much. But here is such a horrible truth that after knowing, no one can dare to stay after the evening.

The people here believe that the city is cursed by a monk. According to the belief, Parmar dynasty ruled here about 900 years ago. In those days a knowledgeable monk came to this city too. After spending some days here, when the sadhu landed on a tour, he left his colleagues with the support of the local people.

Kiradu Temple Scary

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One day all the disadvantaged fell sick and none other than a potteress did not take care of them. When the monk came back, he got very angry after seeing them all. Sadhu said that there should not be a human being in a place where compassion is not there. They cursed the entire city dwellers to become stone. The potteress who had served his disciples, the sadhu asked him to leave from there before evening and also warned that he should not look back and look back.

But after walking some distance, potteress looked back and he became a stone. After this curse, if someone lived after the evening washed in the city then it would have been made of stone and that is why this city becomes deserted by the sunset.

Now, how accurate this story is and how wrong it is. Some historians have argued that the Karmas were disheartened because of the invasion of the Mughals, but the invasion of the Mughals in this region took place in the 14th century and Kiru had deserted in the 12th century, hence there is no other reason behind its desolation.

No specific information is available for who built the temples of Kiradu. Though there are three inscriptions of 12th century available here there is no information related to their construction. Historians say that the construction of the temples of Kiradu was built in the 11th century and they were built by King Dulshalraj and his descendants of Parmar dynasty. There was a series of five grand temples at some time in Kiradu. Today, only the Vishnu temple and the Someshwara temple are in good condition from these five temples.

Kiradu Temple Barmer

The Someshwara Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Hinges on many pillars, this temple reminds me from the inner temple of Meenakshi in the south, its outer edge makes the temple of Khajuraho feel. The carving of elephants and other shapes on black and blue stones makes the moon look beautiful in the temple. Lord Shiva’s pavilion built in the inner part of the temple is also excellent.

The second temple of Kiradu is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is smaller than the Someshwar temple but is very rich with architectural and artistic views. Apart from this, the other three temples of Kiradu have been transformed into ruins, but they are also worth seeing.

The beauty of these ancient temples, famous for architecture, is made only by looking at it. The artworks made on stone appear to tell stories of their wonderful and unmatched history. The architecture surrounding the ruins represents the skill of the artisans of that period.