Are you going to travel to India and don’t know how to communicate with your friends and family? Do not worry! Having a SIM in India is an easy and cheap way to always be connected.

SIM in India

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You arrive at the hotel after an exhausting day and you want to share your experience with your family or remember that it is your best friend’s birthday and you want to congratulate him with an affectionate Janam Din Ki Badhai! from New Delhi. Having a SIM card in India will make things much easier during your stay . And not only when you want to communicate with your family and friends and tell all your new experiences and feelings, but it will also help you during the day to day of your trip to make everyday things easier.

SIM in India

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For example, you can contact your travel agency in India more quickly , in case of emergencies or simply to tell them how well you are having fun . It will also be much simpler with a SIM that you contact your accompanying guide in India  for any changes or queries you want to make about the itinerary or, simply, to send you a pick up or a trusted ticket to pick you up at a restaurant to Take you to the hotel. On the other hand, and this is something that many travelers do not have, remember that during your trip you may make new friends with whom you will want to communicate quickly and easily and the best way to get it is by having all your own SIM in India.

SIM in India

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And how can you get one of these SIM cards in India? Do not worry! Upon arrival in the country our representative will give you a valid SIM for you to use throughout your stay . This SIM card India will already be activated and loaded with balance so that you can call and write to whoever you want and, in addition, it will also include a balance of data so that you can contact the internet, upload your photos on social networks or message yours. All you need to be able to use this SIM in India is a free mobile phone , which can be perfectly the one you use regularly or buy a very cheap one upon arrival in the country.

Are calls between different SIMs in India expensive? The answer is a resounding NO. Both national and international calls from India are quite cheap , so don’t be surprised when you see thousands of Indians stuck day and night to their mobile phone. Remember that India is a very large country, so there will be times when you change from one region to another you will receive a message informing you of the rate change. Don’t worry! Changes in the price of calls and messages are practically insignificant , although it will always be cheaper to call from the same region where the SIM card was purchased in India.

SIM in India

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Now you know everything you need to enjoy your mobile on your trip to India. We put the SIM card, you just have to enjoy using it and communicating with yours.