Surfing in India is even better if it is one of the following coastal enclaves. We start in the northwest.


Surfing in India: the best beaches

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India is one of those countries whose uniqueness, magic and charm sometimes clouds the existence of another reality: that of its status as a mecca for lovers of water sports . A paradise of 7 thousand kilometers of Indian coast  where you can usually reach up to waves of between 3 and 5 meters . The high point lies between the months of May and September , season in which waves of between 8 and 15 meters can be reached . Of course, before, it is best to know what are the best places to surf in India .

Dwarka (Gujarat)

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Legend has it that Krishna left his kingdom to create a city of gold that would later be submerged. Today, the waves are tilted in this place on the coast of Gujarat where you will find some of the most crystalline waters of the coast of India .

Manipal (Karnataka)

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Ishita Malayvia and Tushar Pathiyan founded the Shaka Surf Club school in Manipal in 2007 , conceiving it as an excuse to open the minds of young Hindu youth. One of the most famous surf clubs in India , located on a sand strip exposed to the Indian Ocean.

Ten Thousand Peaks (Maravanthe)

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Also located in Karnataka, the Maravanthe area offers this six-kilometer beach where hundreds of surfing possibilities come together.

Varkala (Kerala)

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We descend to the tropical Kerala to go to one of its most mythical beaches: Varkala, where Soul & Surf, the first yoga and surf retreat in India , turns the surfing experience into a totally different one. Not far from Varkala we find another of the most famous and alternative beaches in India: Kovalam Beach

Manapad Point (Tamil Nadu)

In the state of Tamil Nadu , some of the best surfing beaches in India meet . One of them, Manapad Point, is a cape erected on the lava of an ancient volcano and totally separated from the tourist routes.

Big Rock (Tamil Nadu)

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Located south of Chennai and not far from the Fisherman’s Cove coastal resort , Big Rock is characterized by sudden waves that can reach up to 15 meters between May and September.

Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu)

Surfing in India

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The name of the bridge that Rama crossed, protagonist of the Hindu poem Ramayana , to arrive from India to the island of Lanka and conquer the demon Ravana today includes a strip of land of moderate waves but enough islets to find more than one surprise.

Puri (Orissa)

From November 12 to 14 of this 2016, the India Surf Festival is celebrated in Puri , the largest of its kind in the whole country. A perfect excuse to explore the currents of this lonely beach overlooking the famous Jagannatha temple .

These best places to surf in India will discover the lovers of this sport hundreds of possibilities between exotic lands, celestial beaches and sacred temples.