The 10 best dishes of Rajasthan, Rajasthan is a land of plenty. Be it the places to visit, the forts to walk, the cultures to appreciate, and the food to devour. If you are visiting Rajasthan for a full trip, your trip is incomplete without some of the best dishes that the real land has to offer. Read on to learn more about the culinary preparations that receive you in Rajasthan.

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The 10 best dishes of Rajasthan

Gatte Ki Sabzi

The 10 best dishes of Rajasthan, boiled hard gram flour cakes are an exclusive substitute for vegetables in this dish from Rajasthan. Reflection of desert cuisine in India, where the soil produces pulses and grams more than leafy vegetables, Gatte Ki Sabzi is a tasty dish with moderate spices intended to quench cravings in your belly for a good and abundant meal. Take it with a portion of rice and a papad on the side and you will be ready to sunbathe outdoors

Lal Maas

The 10 best dishes of Rajasthan, the meat curry of the Rajasthan firm, Lal Maas was previously made with the meat of game animals such as wild boar and deer, since hunting was a popular form of recreation among the kings. When hunting was banned, the recipe was changed to replace the game meat with lamb. Lal Maas is a burning dish made with chili and garlic, and is usually eaten with rice or chapatis. The sauce can be thick or thin depending on the preference, and this hot dish is a favorite during the winter months.

The 10 best dishes of Rajasthan

Dal Baati Churma

The 10 best dishes of Rajasthan, another popular dish of Rajasthan is the humble Dal Baati Churma. As the name implies, it is a combination of three separate preparations that perfectly complement each other on a plate. The dal is made using a mixture of five pulses and tempered with whole spices in abundant ghee. Baati is a form of baked flour cakes that are made in a traditional oven and ghee are applied for later. Churma is made by crushing the baati and mixing sugar in it to create a sweet plate with a rough texture. The three together make a sumptuous meal that keeps you full most of the day.


The 10 best dishes of Rajasthan, Laapsi may seem like a form of Halwa but it varies in texture. Unlike Halwa, which has a smooth consistency of Sooji or Besan, Laapsi is made from crushed and broken wheat that gives an interesting dimension to the tongue. The coarse wheat mixture is fried in ghee with sugar until golden brown, after which a little water is added to join everything. Laapsi is served hot with almond flakes and a variety of other dried fruits.

Pyaaz Ki Kachori

The 10 best dishes of Rajasthan, a favorite snack, Pyaaz Ki Kachori does not require you to be hungry to enjoy. A puff pastry as preparation and stuffed with caramelized onions, whole spices and some potatoes, Pyaaz ki Kachori evokes hunger through its aroma when you pass through a busy street in Rajasthan. Take it with chutney or achaar, or complete it with a dessert for a deeply satisfying culinary experience.

The 10 best dishes of Rajasthan


The 10 best dishes of Rajasthan, Also known as Maas ka Soola, this is a first dish in the non-vegetarian cuisine of Rajasthani. Made with chicken and lamb meat, the meat is first marinated for a prolonged period to ensure that the flavors are filtered evenly while tender meat is made on the tongue. Then the pieces of meat are barbecued in the smoke emanating from the tandoor. A Rajasthani version of a tikka, Sooley is best enjoyed with peppermint and chilli sauce and yogurt.

Keema baati

The 10 best dishes of Rajasthan, you guessed it well. It is the Baati full of minced meat. While Dal Baati Churma is a favorite among vegetarians, for non-vegetarians there is an equally heavenly option in the form of Keema Baati. The minced meat is first cooked with salt and spices to make it tasty before putting it in the dough for Baati. Following the traditional way, the Baati is slowly roasted in an oven until it acquires a golden brown color and is polished with a generous ghee brush to increase its wealth. Keema Baati is often served with hot sauce to balance the rough texture of baati and make the eating experience tastier.