India is amazing with its fascinating natural beauty, majestic monuments and rich flora and fauna. Every year, millions of tourists visit India to witness the glory of the country. But you can make your special holidays here with the following luxurious appointments.

Balloon Rides In The Pink City  


Hot balloon rides are one of the most romantic and exciting activities that you can enjoy in Jaipur. Enjoy a panoramic view of the pink city from the top with these walks.

It really is a magical place when numerous colored balloons fly over the sky; The beauty of enhanced with the backdrop of sunrise or sunset. Balloon rides usually occur during dawn or dusk.

Some of the others must do activities in Jaipur are visiting the palaces and forts, do shopping and enjoy elephant rides.


Traveling In Maharaja Express


Maharaja Express  is one of the most expensive trains in India. The train snorts away through the remarkable tourist destinations of India, which offers a comfortable life and a luxurious dining experience.

This is a fully air conditioned train, where the suites are richly decorated and equipped with soft beds and period furniture. Televisions, writing tables, free internet service and room service 24 * 7 are some of the exquisite features of this train.

The train comes with two dining cars and a well stocked bar with high quality drinks. This prominent luxury train received the World Travel Award in 2012,2013 and 2014. It was also awarded as the Seven Stars 2015 for the “Luxury Lifestyle and Hospitality Awards” league.

Stay In The Floating Palace, Udaipur 


The Palace of the Lake in Udaipur is the ultimate place of opulence. Floating on the crystal clear waters of Lake Pichola, this palace offers an immemorial experience that stays. Enjoy the pleasant breeze and the rippling water between the world class atmosphere.

The Palace has an exquisite SPA and yoga services to rejuvenate your heart and your mind. Tourists can also use the gym, enjoy cultural shows and go through astrology sessions to have the vacations packed with a power.


Experience of Ayurveda Himalaya 


The Ananda, Himalaya is your ultimate destination if you want to restore your health and remove washing away all the stresses of life. Located near the holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh , this luxurious SPA resort offers you close to nature.

The Ayurveda SPA massages offered here are free of adverse side effects and therefore, immensely popular with tourists. The resort also accommodates tourists in private suites, which promise incredible comfort. Food that is served here is not only delicious but also good for your health.

Cruise In Floating House In Kerala


The reflected backwaters of Kerala are your destination if you want to have some time only with your loved ones. There are wonderfully decorated floating homes that float on the backwaters that take you through the lush vegetation of the place. Known as Kettuvalams in the local language, these wooden boats are beautifully decorated and equipped with all modern amenities.

Navigating in these houseboats, you can also depress in nearby villages to check your live style, savor steamed hot rice and fish curry cooked in coconut oil; Here food is served in fresh banana leaves. Boat races are another attraction of Kerala.

Go Diving Dive In Andaman


The underwater world of the Andaman Nicobar Islands is a miracle of nature. Enjoy diving to Havelock beach to feel and touch the marine resources of the clean and pristine sea.


Sailing In Goa    


Goa is the heart beating of youth for its oscillating lifestyle. Book a private yacht here to rekindle your love with the specials, enjoying the stunning beauty of the sea or sunbathing. You can also book the boat for parties, corporate events or celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries.

Night At Thar Desert Camp


Nothing else can be more romantic than spending a night under the sky lit by the stars, in the middle of a quiet desert. The fields of the Thar Desert are equipped with all modern conveniences, such as cold water and hot water facilities, personal veranda, mashals, lanterns and candles to retain the mystical beauty of the desert at night.


A Stay In Treehouse

treehouse-stay-keralaSurrounded by enchanting natural beauty, the Kerala Treehouses offer a fascinating experience. This ecological style of life brings you close to nature without taking you away from modern conveniences and facilities. If you are looking for a quiet and fresh vacation, stay in these treehouses (Treehouses) in Kerala

Visit A ​​Tiger Field 

They love-i-Khas

Stay in royal style near the Ranthambore National Park in Aman-I-Khas. Get a stunning view of tigers, leopards, deer, sloth bears, jungle cats, antelopes and migratory birds or be enchanted by the tranquility of the forests here.

These fields ensure that the magnificent luxury with air conditioning suites, large beds, private services, desks, arm chairs and dining tables. Last but not least; Enjoy authentic dishes cooked with vegetables grown in the complex of the garden itself.

Make this vacation unforgettable for your family and friends with a trip to any of the above mentioned luxury destinations of the country.