The fascination with sunset colors is universal. The best sunsets in India also add dream locations that complete the magic hour spell with pieces of history and a good dash of exoticism.


The best sunsets of India over the sea

The best sunsets in India

Backwaters (Kerala)

Strictly not always the sun is seen falling on the sea in the backwaters . The sunset in this region of Kerala , that immense network of channels populated by rice paddies and small villages, is a gift for the senses. The colors of the sky are reflected on the shallow waters that cover the rice fields or lotus flowers, which follow each other as you move forward with your houseboat in search of the best place to dock and spend the night.

Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu)

Cape Comorin witnesses the union of the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Bengal in an incessant wave beat. This is a symbolic place for the Indians , where part of the ashes of Gandhi was scattered and two great masters are commemorated: the poet Thiruvalluvar and the philosopher Vivekananda. Only in this area of Tamil Nadu  can you enjoy the sunrise and sunset over the sea without moving .

The best sunsets in India

Chowpatty Beach (Mumbai)

It may not be the most beautiful, but the Mumbai skyline ends up creating one of the best sunsets in India. Daily witnessed by a bustling crowd of locals and visitors along Chowpatty Beach and Marine Drive Avenue , the sunset in Mumbai gives way to the liveliest night you’ll find in India .

The best sunsets in India behind the horizon

The best sunsets in India


Taj Mahal (Agra)

A classic of the best sunsets in India! When our star descends towards the horizon, the untouched marble of the Taj Mahal reveals pink, orange and violet tones unimaginable. Considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World , it will leave you stunned if you choose to visit it in the afternoon and stay until the darkness extinguishes its glow.

The best sunsets in India

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Leh (Ladakh)

From the top of the Stupa de la Paz, you will witness the extraordinary advance of the shadow over the Indus valley. The sunset in Leh, between bare mountains of 6000 meters , creates a play of lights and chiaroscuro that give way to the night. The capital of Indian Tibet, with its traditional architecture that spreads across the hillside, thus plunges into a silence in which the starry sky shines tirelessly.


The only sunset in which you must turn your back on the star king. The sunset is accompanied by a ritual in front of the Ganges , the aarti , in honor of the goddess that inhabits the river . Hindu pilgrims and believers gather on the stairs that enter the stream to witness a fire ceremony officiated by the priests of Dashashwamedh Ghat.