Who doesn’t like to be told by their partner how much they love them? There are many ways to let him know, but only one to make him never forget: to propose in India . A unique opportunity to ask for marriage, to remember recent vows or not to forget those that were made years ago. The perfect scenario to confess the desire that your lives follow the same course.

Declare in India: Renewal of vows

© Yolanda Carreño

India, land of Maharajas and scene of the Thousand and One Nights, is the romantic country by nature. That is why many people opt for a honeymoon in India or make it a mandatory stop after a wedding trip in Sri Lanka or after spending an unforgettable honeymoon in Maldives . Because India can not miss on any trip to the Asian subcontinent that has romanticism as the main attraction.

It is difficult to imagine a more romantic setting than the one offered by the Taj Mahal at sunset , when white marble acquires the same color as the sky. The world seems to stop for a few seconds … long enough for those words that we have been wanting to say to our partner to emerge.

Declare in India: Taj Mahal

© MarcBW

The frame cannot be more spectacular. Emotions will be in full bloom. It is the perfect time to ask for marriage and tell you how much we want a life in common. It is the ideal time to remember that “yes, I want” that you gave yourself a few days before. It is the only occasion to tell you that, no matter how many years go by, your love will remain intact. Take out that ring you have prepared and put it on your finger for the first time. Look at his face when he sees that jewel you have bought for a special occasion like this.

Declare in India - Flowers

© Meena Kadri

India is full of ideas for a romantic trip : palaces where to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner and accommodation with views of ancient temples, where to have a cocktail with the sound of violins as the soundtrack of a simply perfect moment . Cities like Udaipur , where you can take a romantic boat trip on Lake Pichola , or beautiful monuments such as the Palace of the Winds of Jaipur , where it is easy to imagine the women of the harem timidly hidden among the lattice of its nearly thousand windows.

Declare in India - Kerala

© Salvatore Barbera

A perfect evening with a table in luxury in the crown of a sacred tree of Khajuraho , enjoy a jacuzzi with views while the night makes its way and thousands of stars illuminate the sky. Watch a sunset of a thousand colors on a beach in Goa , or walk through the patios of mirrors and majestic halls and request a bottle of champagne in the suite of one of the most luxurious hotels in the world . Walk hand in hand with the beautiful gardens of a palace, or whisper words in your ear next to the gods Vishnu and Krishna. Stroll through a flea market and have a flower wreath around your neck. India is the great movie set that invites you to declare your love. Are you going to miss such a magnificent opportunity?