India is a country full of colors and contrasts, aspects that explode in a certain place in the city of Jaipur as in no other. Its name is Patrika Gate and it is the most colorful door in India.


History of an entry

Patrika Gate in Jawahal Gate

During the construction of Jaipur , Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II decided to erect a great wall that separated the heart of the Pink City from the rest of the periphery. A work that would be auctioned off with the presence of 8 doors or entrances to the city: SoorajpoleGate , Chaanpole  Gate , Ajmeri  Gate , Sanganeri  Gate , Ghaat  Gate , Samrat Gate , Zorawar Singh  Gate  and the New  Gate . Eight possibilities to which we can add a novena, the most recent and colorful of all:Patrika Gate, located on the well-known Jawahar Circle, one of the largest circular parks in Asia located south of Jaipur.

Patrika Gate counts as an ally with a proximity to the airport of Jaipur (barely 1 kilometer and a half) that for years has kept it away from tourist circles (to mention one example, the iconic Jawa Mahal is 10 kilometers away, about 30 minutes in tuk tuk). However, during these last months this fascinating monument has become one of the references of Jaipur to appear in numerous publications of the social network of Intagram .

A must that despite its deceptive appearance hides one of the most colorful and fascinating places of the state of Rajasthan , and we would even say that of all India.

Meet the most colorful door in the world

Interior of Patrika Gate with colorful murals

Upon reaching Jawahar Circle, you will see a huge door of up to 9 arches and pink colors located next to some huge letters of Rajasthan. A monument in simple appearance if it were not for the fact that upon entering the visitor can discover a unique color show.

Proof of a craftsmanship and creativity worthy of a country like India, the Patrika Gate encompasses different murals that tell stories of the royalty of Rajasthan adorned with those bright and characteristic colors applied by hand.

A show that has not only become a benchmark in social networks, but also on stage for photo sessions in which celebrities of the likes of Kendall Jenner have participated .

In addition, to enter the Patrika Gate is not necessary to pay entrance and the schedule is totally free, being able to visit it at any time of the day.

If you are in Jaipur and want to surprise yourself with that Indian charm in its purest state, ask your private driver to deviate a tad. Or else, you can always ride one of the cool pink vehicles of the Pink Rickshaw initiative .

Would you like to visit the Patrika Gate during your trip to India ?