For foreign nature and rich heritage from the vast beaches and picturesque backwater, Kerala is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in India. Kerala has been a popular place for travelers for its beautiful beauty and load of activities available over the years.

If you have ever come to India, it may be difficult to imagine a sweet side of this beautiful country, but if you want it, you will find it in Kerala!

Often referred to as ‘The Garden of Spice’, there are many materials that make Kerala the identity. You will probably find one of the wonderful beaches of Kerala, a network of breathtaking backwaters for a cruise on a traditional houseboat, and a wonderful climate to absorb in dense forests surrounded by wildlife and exploration. And this is just a small piece of Kerala’s offer.

1- Cruise the backwaters – At the top of the list, it has to run in backwaters! Of course, one of the most popular places to visit on a backwater tour is the unforgettable experience going on on a houseboat cruise with the most popular and popular attractions of Kerala, Cutting the State that snaking network of backwaters, though it is the Aleppi of Kerala. , There are many places that provide an opportunity to experience a hiding cruise, the foreign bird seeks life and tricks you as Provides the opportunity to open up a local life, go away.


2-  Visit a spice plantation – Going on the head with tea in the battle of Kerala plantation, you can not visit ‘Garden of spices’ and do not devote noon to a spice plantation. Originally famous for your ancient pepper business, you will face all kinds of spices grown around the Periyar gardens, which includes cardamom, ginger and cinnamon.

3-  Trekking at Munnar – In addition to the breathtaking landscape which serve as a home for tea, Munnar is also a play ground for lovers of great outdoors. There are many adventure and beneficial treks to experience in Munnar, which include Idukki Forest Walk and Kannan Devan Hills Trail.

Trekking at Munnar

4- Visit a tea plantation– Hidden in the white landscape of the western ghats, the stunning Oasis of Munar will be stumbled by the passengers, which is famous for tea gardens. The never-ending canvas of the green rolling hills, as well as some of the finest teas you ever taste, should be demonstrated, a trip here is necessary, and you see these plants through an interesting tourism Can. These Instagram feed photos are at their finest!

Visit a tea plantation

5- Beaches on the Arabian Sea– Although the state may not be famous for its beaches, Kerala has a charming beach for the beach which is hugged. Soft sand promises, the atmosphere and character of the Indian sunshine and comfortable beach. For a party atmosphere, alternatively, rest in Kovalam’s headquarters or Marie Beach.


6- The Periyar Wildlife Safari– Located in the heart of the Western Ghats and famous for its wonderful wildlife sanctuary, Periyar is very far from the scenery of the coast of Malabar coast, is one of the most popular activities to add to its travel schedule in Periyar of Jungle, and good days In, you can expect Asian elephants, huge squirrels, countless monkeys and more than 260 bird species.


7- Fort Kochi – This historic town, with its bustling harbor and the world famous Chinese fishing net, made its name on the old masala route. Today you can find many signs of this heritage and grandeur, which can be best done on the direct or guided tours of Fort Kochi. Here you will stumble into everything from magnificent Portuguese churches to a magnificent colonial house.


8– Kathakali Shows- After a day of roaming and appreciating the legacy of Fort Kochi, add a touch of culture to your experience after seeing a Kathakali Show. Kerala Kathakali Center is one of the most famous places to capture this cultural dance performance, display incredible colors, makeup and costume.


9 – The Birds Show in Kumarakom– Bird sites, even if you do not consider yourself an avid, visiting the experience of irritability is a great way to appreciate Kerala’s landscape, nature and beauty of wildlife. One of the best places to try for your hand in birdwatching is Kumararaom Bird Sanctuary, whose home is home to eagetes, greens and fly catches in 14 acres of forests and lakes.