For many centuries, Agra is the city of royalty and legacy of Knight in shining among the kings of Indian history. Let’s have a brief reading to learn about the iconic land of funny sovereigns. Agra City was founded by Sikandar Lodhi who is located on the banks of river Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh. Its population is approximately 1.7 million and is one of the most populous cities of Uttar Pradesh. Agra has a crescendo climate and in one year there are different seasons in winter, summer, monsoon, and autumn. Tourists from all over the world visit Agra mostly in one of the tourist destinations of India. The Mughal period in Agra, the monument of Mughals.’From the time of Mahabharata, the history of Agra is a very magnificent city. It is the capital of many great sovereigns of Indian history, from the state of Babur to Aurangzeb; Agra is the capital of all Mughal generations. In many years of Mughal dynasty, Agra emperor receives its prestige and glory in the empire of Akbar. Agra is one of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal.’Agra city is full of adorable and unstable architecture and historical monuments which reflect the dignity of Mughal.

Agra is a delicious, traditional and marketable city for tourists in India. With around 180 tourist sites in Agra, there are good places of market, hotel, motel and restaurant. Take a look at these good villages for tourists in Agar.’There are so many historical places in Agra that are going to explore some such monuments and famous tourist sites.

Taj Mahal View

Taj Mahal-  Agra tour can not be completed without touring Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is known for the wonders of the world and India’s most beautiful monument. This is the most valuable legacy of the Mughal dynasty with a symbol of love from a husband in the memory of his wife, that person Shahjahan was in a loving memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. With the labor of 20000 workers and jewelers, it took 22 years to build.

We can see Persian, Islamic, Turkish, Indian architectural styles included in the Taj Mahal’s design. In the center of the dome, there is the sarokophagi of Mumtaz Mahal and Shahjahan. This is a masterpiece that is praised all over the world.

Agra Fort View

Agra Fort-  Agra fort was built in 1565 by The Great Mughal emperor Akbar. In fact, it was built around 1000 years ago, but Akbar had it renovated its sovereign. It is one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Fort include the Pearl Mosque, the Diwan-i-is, Diwan-e-Aam, Khas Mahal, shish palace. Later Akbar’s son was converted into a palace at the age of Jahangir. Its circumference is approximately 2.5 km and the beauty of the red sandstone makes it unbelievable.

Fathepur Sikri Agra

Fathepur Sikri- Fatehpur Sikri is a city in the outskirts of Agra, started in 1569 by Emperor Akbar. He took keen interest in the innovation of this city. Akbar changes his capital from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri from 1571 to 1585. He has named this city as the Persian word ‘Fateh’, which means victory by means of his courtiers and navratras. This royal city has private quarters, harem, courts, gardens, mosque and other buildings. It is a masterpiece of architecture and precious ornaments, stone work.

Akbar’s Tomb- The tomb of Akbar was entirely made for Akbar and it was started by him in 1600. It is located about 1 km from Akbar’s wife Mary-Uz-Zamani Tomb. It includes about 120 acres of area. It is made of beautiful stone architecture with red sand stones with white stone work. The tomb is full tourist attraction and there is a flood of tourists in the tomb to see royalty.

Jama Masjid- Jama Masjid is a holy mosque known all over India. This Shah Jahan had made for his beloved daughter Jatarara. It is in front of Agra Fort. It has beautiful architecture of 3 large dome and red sandstone and white marble. With the labor of 5000 workers, the construction took 6 years.

Moti Masjid- This was built by Shah Jahan for worshiping his courtiers. The prayer room is well decorated with jewelry and white stone luxury. Its artwork and beauty take it to special places in Agra. It is called pearl white for its dignity and glory.

Your concern for accommodation in Agra should be low because the hotel has a wide range of motels to stay in. Bookings of hotels, motels and taverns can be easily booked by the internet. Tourists have a wide selection of hotels at the reasonable cost from the 5-star deluxe hotel and the inn from the guest house. Welcoming tourists in hotels with many entertainment in the form of dance, magic shows and fake marriages, which show the tradition of India, the dinner depends on various topics, fireworks and camel ride. The hotels organize such programs to attract tourists.

Agra has a wide range of hotels, restaurants that taste the different dishes and specialties of different places. The hotel arranges for a theme dinner for those tourists who have been serving for centuries and have loved generations now. Agra is famous for its sweet dish ‘Petha’ in India.

Agra is famous for its architecture and handicrafts. Over the centuries, it is well known for its crafts and marble works. Agra has a wide variety of leather clothes, brassware and carpets. Agra’s specialty works on precious clothes and embroidery. Zari sarees of Agra are very famous among the tourists.

Agra’s journey makes you feel proud of India’s tradition and culture. This makes you a surprisingly important Indian heritage, which is our delegation to our historians. This is a sign of India’s royalty and reputation, which was previously known as ‘Golden Bird’.