Some places in the world deserve to be discovered at a specific time. Luckily, India offers hundreds of them and from the Geographical Society of the Indies we have prepared you, with great care, this TOP 10 of dates to travel to India ( One date for each year we meet)Choose the date to write on your agenda.


Top 10 dates to travel to India


1) Christmas and New Year

Goa State - Dates to travel to India

Fort Reis Magi © Ashwin Kumar

The usual turkey, snow and carols … for fifty years. Why not replace them with oriental dishes , palm trees tilted on the beach and sitar songs ? The beaches of Goa are the flagship paradise of India in its hottest time (from December to January). Ideal to receive the New Year in India  from the suite of a colonial hotel surrounded by the magic that characterizes the smallest state of India . Without a doubt, one of the dates to travel to India simply ideal. 

2) February between tigers

See Bengal Tigers - Dates to travel to India

© Mariano Alfaro

What is the best time to see the Bengal tiger ? This is possibly the most frequent question on the part of any  nature lover who travels to India . And February, the best month to visit any of the 27 natural reserves of India where the tiger dwells as the Bandhavgarh Reserve.

3) Holi

Dates to travel to India

© Kevin Frayers

The most colorful party in the world takes place in India and is called  Holi , a show that comes to wake us from winter at the stroke of color. Although its date varies, the Holi is always celebrated after the first full moon of the month of Phalguna or month of Shiva, in March, date in which you will be able to enjoy the Holi your way : from the suite of your hotel, merging with the masses or from a privileged corner that we reserve for you …

4) Holy Week with the family

Traveling as a family - Jeep -

© Mahua Kothi

If you decide to travel to India during Holy Week , you will discover that the skies are more clear and the stars are more visible in places like the desert of Rajasthan . Also the high temperatures allow to enjoy the beaches of India and the nature overflows more life than ever. A good opportunity to get lost as a family following in the footsteps of the lazy bear, the panther or a tiger whose colors are confused with the contrasts of the Kanha National Park or the Ranthambore Natural Park .

5) Spring in the north

Indian Himalayas, Valley of Flowers (c)

© Araghu

When the thaw of the high peaks of the Indian Himalayas begins , water and colors make May one of the ideal dates to  travel to North India . The perfect time to get lost in the Valle de las Flores National Park , in the state of  Uttaranchal , and contemplate its natural carpets wrapped in fog. In turn, take a train through the 864 bridges that connect with the city of Shimla and watch the rushing rivers make their way. A perfect challenge for the senses.

6) Summer rebirth

Luxury hotels in South India - Ideal dates to travel to India

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Unlike what is commonly believed,  the monsoon is seen in India as a blessing . After the hot months in India between March and May, the beginning of the monsoon accounts for three quarters of the total rains collected in the country. A time when the earth bathes, regenerates and is reborn in the form of celebrations such as the Monsoon Festival in Jaipur . And you can do it too. And it is that Ayurvedic treatments are more recommended to apply at this time, since during these months the atmosphere is cleaner and the pores of the body open to the maximum, being more receptive to Ayurvedic treatments aimed at purifying body and soul.

7) Reopening of the safaris in October

When to go on safari to India. Wild elephant Dates ideal for traveling to India

© Milind Kaduskar

After the end of the monsoon , India looks greener than ever. A period in which birds, especially in  Kerala , can be seen more easily and mammals approach lakes to mitigate the onset of the dry season . For this reason, many of the  natural parks of India opened its doors on October 1 for greater enjoyment of the traveler in search of a unique nature.

8) Diwali

Ideal dates to travel to India

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The full moon also marks the beginning of Diwali , the Hindu New Year that takes place between the end of October and the beginning of November. Four days during which children from all over India are painted in colors, houses are filled with candy and oil lamps known as “diyas” dye places like the Golden Temple of Amritsar inviting good fortune. A celebration that can live in many ways, including in a typical Indian village in Agra with India Geographic Society .

9) Full moon nights


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The full moon governs part of  the rituals and spirituality of India . The motive that marks the beginning of almost all its festivals or stands out in the exotic skies of Jama Masjid, in Delhi , or the mythical Taj Mahal at dusk .

10) Your moment


© Taj Hotels (IHCL)

In life, there are times that we need to wait for the appropriate moment to make that trip that we dreamed of years ago . Give us a treat, or give it to that great husband or that great woman or the son who is going to start the University … And there are moments to travel as a family , with friends and moments to stop being a father and mother and be your again and I … There are times when the most sensible thing is to make madness.

Tell us what are your dates to travel to India