It is finally planning the trip again and the children are all excited and ready to go on a vacation trip. On the other hand, he finds it difficult to find any friendly destination for the children and ends up planning a trip to the place of the grandparents.

It’s not that kids do not want that, but what about the excitement that could come from traveling across continents and countries? How about the ditch of procrastination and the plan of a real trip for your children to India?

We agree that finding the places of your children interest can be a difficult thing and compared to adult, children long time adjusting and enjoying new places.

However, as India is full of diversity, it has places of must-see for all. You can surely plan a trip to India with your children and make sure they will enjoy it. Check out these top 10 places that should not be missed in India for children.

1. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is a city located in RajasthanJaisalmer is a city located in Rajasthan. As we know, it is a center of the great Indian heritage and your children will be surprised to see the magnificent fortresses, built centuries ago.

They are not less than the architectural wonders that are built today. This place offers you the opportunity to teach your children about the diversity and color of India.

Apart from that, your children can camp on the golden sands, ride the desert boat, the camel, savor local cuisine and enjoy Rajasthani folk music.


2. Hampi, KarnatakaHampi, Karnataka

There is no better place to take your children and teach them about the history and culture of India than this uninhabited part of Karnataka.

A world heritage site, recognized by UNESCO, Hampi could become a heavenly visit with your family, because the serene environment and architectural beauty.

This place could greatly enhance your curious children to know more about these remnants of the once powerful empire of Mauryan. They will love moving around the place, seeing and touching the remains of an ancient civilization.


3. Munnar, Kerala

Munnar, located in Kerala , has the atmosphere as well as places of interest for children. Here the children can teach about how the tea is grown, as well as processed, and finally delivered to our homes.

The comfortable and welcoming climate in the area is something that encourages children to spend more time outside, learn about different types of plantations and connect with nature to a greater extent. 


4. Auli, UttarakhandAuli, Uttarakhand

popular hill station in India , Auli will be loved by children who want to see nature and will be better.

This hill station, during the winter months, is covered in deep snow and children love to play in it.

They can also participate in activities such as skiing and paragliding, which could be something they have not experienced or witnessed in their life yet.

5. Lonavala, Maharashtra

Blessed with the cool and comfortable climate as well as full of vegetation, Lonavala is a suitable destination for couples, only travelers and families with children.

Apart from the connection with nature, Apart from the connection with nature, children will have a lot of fun in Adlabs Imagica.

A visit to this park will be a refreshing experience for the children and some sections might even send chills down the spines of the adults as well.

6. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

National Park-of-Bandhavgarh

Children will undoubtedly be moved if they are told that they are going to see a live tiger. Filled with a huge population of these big cats, as well as several other exciting animals, Bandhavgarh National Park is a place you should visit with children.

This place is filled with a huge population of fauna, which will provide your children with an exciting as well as a great learning experience.

Take them to the Fortress of Bandhavgarh, and do not forget to capture the fear in their eyes when they see the majestic fortress standing in front of them.


7. Majuli Island, Assam

Island of Majuli, AssamA new kind of experience with their children, Majuli Isla, is something that will serve as a surprise to them. This destination has its own sets of culture and unique traditions.

Also, boating or camping next to the island of the largest river in India is a hell of an adventure for which you should plan to go.


8. Rann de Kutch, Gujarat

Rann from Kutch, GujaratOnce again, a place of cultural diversity, Rann de Kutch in Gujarat serves as host for the famous Kutch festival, which attracts thousands of people each year.

Initially, your children will be surprised to see the vast landscape covered with salt, and later once they enter the festival, then you will appreciate the view of the sky studded with a million colored kites!

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From staying in unique stores to consuming a little food to hit the lips, you could end up receiving the title of “best parents” 


9. Kashmir (Kashmir)

Everyone deserves their share of paradise. Sounds cliche? How to take your child on a journey through heaven on earth, Kashmir, India? Take them to this place of pure tranquility. Bliss make them stay on a boat, participate in activities such as skiing and visit sites of interest such as tulip gardens.

This trip to Kashmir will be less of an educational experience and more of a break from its overwhelming school life.

10. Sikkim

One of the least explored regions of the country; Sikkim is cleaner, been in the country. This place serves as the home to the monasteries, where children can learn and understand about Buddhism as well as the Buddha teaching.

It is a place where you can see the brave soldiers of the Indian Army, the defense of national borders. Here, children can observe and experience how minimalist the way of life can be rewarding.