India has long been described as an unsafe destination for travelers from all over the world. More about the arrival of women in case of women passengers. While security should always be taken seriously, but it is easy to follow some simple rules and guidelines to keep yourself away from trouble. So, women, it’s time to bind your shoes and look for the country as never before!

We have compiled a list of 15 destinations in India which are remarkable for their undoubted attraction, but are also safe for single female travelers who prefer to travel alone. Many of these Indian destinations are definitely going to be in everyone’s bucket list.

Nainital – Situated in the cool valleys of Uttarakhand, Nainital is actually the definition of dreaming on earth. Known for his warm nature and friendly smiling by the locals, the small town of Nainital is an incredibly safe and incredibly fun place to explore for himself.

Mysore– Karnataka’s cultural center is also one of the safest places in the state to travel alone for a woman. As long as the sun does not go down, the population comes on the streets and it is not advisable to roam around in the night, but those who travel in the night feel secure in the city due to the popular tourist destination and night travel. . A visit to Mysore and a woman who has a taste for Indian culture and history.

Shimla– Hill stations, by the rule of thumb, are generally safer due to the number of people present at any given time. However, when it comes to hill stations, few can match the beauty and charm of the valleys of Shimla. The hilltop town is again absolute delight and the crown jewel among Indian destinations. Shimla also offers lots of attractive and safe lodging options which makes it a very viable destination for a female traveler.

Khajuraho– Recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, the temples of Khajuraho are truly a sight to behold. There can be slight reservations about Khajuraho due to the amount of heckling that goes on here but once you learn how to deal with the guides and vendors Khajuraho becomes one of the safest spots in the country to spend a quiet weekend.

Udaipur– Rajasthan, in general, is inhabited by those who are very friendly and helpful in nature, and no city gives more examples than the city of Udaipur. The rich culture running through the nerves of the cities is easily seen in every street you set.The only issue you can face is that Udaipur is usually a Joint Destination and therefore traveling alone can sometimes be disappointing, but if the spirit of courage can overcome that instinct, then you can take care of your life. Are there.

Kaziranga, Assam– Nothing says that a woman park should be out of range for the female traveler, right? With the abundant population of one horned rhinoceros, Kaziranga is sure that a great Indian charm sees close and personal attention while traveling alone in the wildlife. The official Park Park offers private jeep safaris and elephant tours so that tourists can find help in the park and we highly recommend the tour!

Varanasi– The holy city of Varanasi is the religious center of northern region of India. The city of temples is known for the large number of ghats situated next to the holy Ganges river. People of Varanasi are very friendly and helpful in nature and often come out of their way to help in need of strangers. The city emerges on its tourism and in this way travelers are considered to be a very safe place to soak in Hindu culture.

Pondichhery– This union provides the area that how many places are lacking in the country, there is a moment of peace. The calm and quiet setting looks like a French city than a modern Indian destination. This is a great place to try shopping or delicious French cuisine and is certainly full of people who are happy to please their ordinary life.

Sikkim – Northeast has the power to blow you away and even particularly in northeast Sikkim is the most stunning place you will ever visit in the region. Sikkim is made up entirely of high mountains. low valleys and a smattering of Buddhist monasteries in between. It also has a very rich culture of hospitality which is always a plus when travelling somewhere alone.

Ladakh– Ladakh is the ultimate holy grail of solo travel. Definitely not for first-timers but also a must visit after you are used to lugging around your own luggage. The serene calm of the valleys weaves its silent magic on men and women alike, and to experience Ladakh is to truly experience the beauty of the Himalayas itself. If you really want to travel to Ladakh for starters it is advisable to have a group of friends with you who can help you out with pointers.

Churu Rajasthan– As mentioned earlier, the people in Rajasthan are probably the most friendly faces around in the country.Thus, it is very viable to travel to a small city like Churu and get to know the real culture of the Rajasthani people inside out. Keep in mind however that this should be a strictly day trip as there is not much to do apart from spending time with the locals. Once you are done soaking up the culture make a short trip to any of the famous cities around to move further in your journey.

Munnar Kerala– Munnar, though famous for its tea gardens, is also a place of breathtaking beauty and wonderful landscape. In every scene the green background just adds to the overall charm of the place. Located in the state of Kerala, due to the honest and hard working nature of the people working here, Munnar is considered to be a very safe place to travel.The resorts around this place also offer some attractive options for those who want to travel alone in the district.

Hampi– Hampi will only change your mindset about India, because the urban counterparts have to pay a lot to the destination of this small village! Hospitable, friendly and culturally rich people are likely to come here. Hampi is yet another place which has been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site.If you are a type of backpacker type, then you are definitely going to love this place because it offers cheap accommodation, gives you an opportunity to meet people from different countries and feel free to you.

Rishikesh- Rishikesh is a destination that is moving forward towards more fun and exciting love between us. With activities such as white water rafting, wrapping and fox flying, Rishikesh is a last adventure package that can be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends. If courage is not a cup of tea, then they have some good yoga classes which you can try in the backdrop of the beautiful beauty of the Himalayas.

Ziro Valley – One of the most beautiful places in India, Zero Valley in Arunachal Pradesh has to go once in a lifetime. An ideal place with a green greenery, caring for rice fields and tilting rabbits and rustic habitats, the valley is not less than the dreamland. For this place, indigenous local tribes have their own deep culture and traditions that you can easily study if you spend some time, then the Zero Valley is a lesser known place which should be in the list of each single passenger’s bucket.