A honeymoon, anniversary or renewal of vows, is a special trip, unlike any other. A moment that requires a display of magic, unique experiences and destinies. Check out our list of TOP 10 places for a honeymoon.

Top 10 of places for a honeymoon or anniversary

1) Romantic Rajasthan

Best Lakes in India - Pichola Lake and Lake Palace - Places for a Honeymoon

Anyone who imagines a Thousand and One Nights destination will find in Rajasthan that place of eternal dunes and fairytale palaces . From the Pink City of Jaipur to the sunsets of the golden Jaisalmer , all the magic carpet flights end in one place: Udaipur , a city caressed by a lake Pichola whose marble palaces form a dream island.

2) From Bhutan to Maldives

origin of the name of Bhutan - places for a honeymoon

We conceived our trip as a roller coaster. In the heights, Bhutan is drawn the happiest country in the world located in the Himalayas , the highest altitude area on the planet . Let’s organize our trip to Bhutan and follow the footsteps of the red panda , climb up to the Nido del Tigre temple and, once with the adrenaline in our veins, descend to the next paradise. Travel to Maldives , the lowest average altitude place in the worldawaits you between atolls, palm trees and dream beaches. Travel of vertigo and two destinations for a honeymoon essential. 

3) National Parks of Madhya Pradesh

Bengal Tiger - places for a honeymoon

Traveling to India is discovering its nature, and its national parks And it is before such a range of possibilities when the answer always stands out: where to visit the best national parks in India ? The answer is simple: Madhya Pradesh . In the heart of India, the animals of The Jungle Book meet in the Kanha National Park and in  Bandhavgarh , sighting the Bengal tiger among ruins of another time they write that other book whose happy ending develops in  the best Green hotels in India . Without a doubt, one of those places for an unforgettable honeymoon.

4) Culture and nature in Sri Lanka

History of Sri Lanka: Temple of the Buddha's tooth - places for a honeymoon

Enjoying a honeymoon or anniversary in Sri Lanka allows us to make more complete and controlled routes, without missing a detail. In the case of Sri Lanka, the famous «tear of India», the reasons are even more: the Buddhist charm of the temples of its Cultural Triangle , the tropical beaches of southern Sri Lanka or nature reserves such as Yala make up a mosaic of unique and exotic experiences.

5) Baros Maldives: paradise has a name

places for a honeymoon

You arrive in Male, the capital of the Maldives , and by private boat you start your journey to paradise. Your villa is better than the story house you imagined as a child, the sea water the most transparent and a small island of sand, Sandbank , is just for you. Baros Maldives, the best Maldivian resort , offers unforgettable experiences among champagne, sunsets and spa days . One of the places for a honeymoon or anniversary with which you have dreamed more than once.

6) From coast to coast in India

Kerala backwaters - places for a honeymoon

South India evokes that exoticism that we all imagine when thinking of the country of curry: palm trees, hotels in rice boats or colorful temples. Begin by traversing the secrets of Kerala through its famous backwaters and ending up in a place like Pondicherry , the Paris of India, in the state of Tamil Nadu , make up the ideal coastal route through an eternal summer.

7) Karnataka and Goa: for explorers with happy ending

places for a honeymoon

Lovers of temples will find in the state of Karnataka the ideal mecca to delight in the architectural wonders of India. Hampi , architectural complex designated Unesco heritage , houses up to 350 temples built more than 600 years ago. An arid walk to refresh with a swim between the beaches and palm trees of the state of Goa , something further north and a unique colonial heritage.

8) Crossing the skies of Sri Lanka

Balloon flight in Sri Lanka - ideal places for a honeymoon

Traveling to Sri Lanka and sailing through the skies is a bird’s eye view of the many contrasts of the island: rice fields, tea fields, temples or migrations of elephants. And what better way to discover it than by a balloon trip around Sri Lanka ? And in hydroplane? We flew from Tea Trails , glamping between tea plantations, to Cape Weligama , overlooking a cliff that Marco Polo has seen years ago to show you the best of ancient Ceylon.

9) Hanifaru Bay, on Milaidhoo Island

Sea turtles in Sri Lanka - ideal places for a honeymoon

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Milaidhoo Island is one of the most spectacular resorts in Maldives for many reasons: the possibility of dining on a dhoni , a typical Maldivian boat, enjoying a spectacular villa but, especially, swimming with a secret animal kingdom. See stingrays in Maldives, plus whales, dolphins and turtles is possible in a magical India. In addition, to practice night diving or to fish like a Maldivian are just some snacks that is one of the best places for an anniversary honeymoon.

10) Indonesia

ideal places for a honeymoon

We go beyond looking for an exoticism that Indonesia represents as a few other places. Staying in a hotel caressed by the jungle, rediscovering themselves on the beaches of Bali or getting lost in the so-called water temples of the island await you.