If you see a mouse in your house then you will get restless. You will apply all the tricks to get him out of your house because rats are considered to be the cause of many terrible diseases like Plague. But do you know that there is a temple of Mother India in our country where 20000 mice live and devotees who come to the temple get a false offer of rats?

Rat Temple Deshnok Karni Mata Bikaner

Surprisingly, even after having so many mice, there is no smell in the temple at all, no sickness has spread till date, even so, no devotee has been sick by eating the false offerings of rats. Not only this, when the plague spread all over India till a few decades ago, there was a festival of devotees in this temple, and they used to offer false rumors. It is about 30 km away from Bikaner, the historic town of Rajasthan, a statue of Karti Mata in Deshnok which is also known as the mice of the rats, the temple with the mice and the Mudish temple.

Karani Mata, the devotee who believes in the incarnation of Mother Jagadamba, was born in 1387 in a Charna family. His childhood name was Raghubai. Raghubai was married to Chapiji Charna of Bhatika village but after some time after marriage, her mind got bored with worldly life, so she married Kipoji Baraan with her little sister Gulab and placed herself in the service of the mother and devotion of the people. Due to public welfare, supernatural work and miraculous powers, local people worshiped Rigu Bai in the name of Karani Mata. At present, where this temple is situated, Karahi mother used to worship her goddess in a cave. This cave remains still in the temple premises. It is said that Karani Mata remained Jyotirlinga on March 23, 1538, living for 151 years. After their Jyotirlinga, devotees started their worship by establishing their idol and which has continued continuing since then.

Karani Mata is the Kuldevi of Bikaner Raj Bharna. It is said that with his own blessings, the establishment of Bikaner and Jodhpur principality was established. The present temple of Karani Mata was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner principality at the beginning of the twentieth century. In addition to rats in this temple, the great work of silver marble kept on the main entrance, a large silver key on the main entrance, a bed of umbrella of the mother and the offering of rats is also a major attraction.

Karni Mata Temple Bikaner

If we talk of rats, then there is an umbrella of rats inside the temple. After entering the temple, there are rats and mice everywhere. The mood of mice can be estimated from the fact that you have to go dragging your feet to reach the main statue inside the temple. Because if you lift your feet, the rat may be injured by falling under it, which is considered inauspicious. There are some white mice with about twenty thousand black mice in this temple. These rats are considered to be more holy. It is believed that if you see a white rat then your wish will be fulfilled.

It is a specialty of the mice of the temples and Mangala Aarti that occurs in the temple at 5 o’clock in the temple and at 7 o’clock in the evening, most of the rats come out of their bills during the evening Worship. At these two occasions, the highest number of rats are Dharma quartet. Where is the rats living here called Kaba? The first rat is given to the offering to Mother, and then it is distributed. In order to protect these rats from the eagle, vulture, and other animals, there is a fine net on the open places in the temple.

According to the story of Karani Mata, the mother of Karni Mata Temple is considered to be the child of the mother. According to the story of Karani Mata, the son of her mother (her sister Gulab and her husband’s son) Laxman, in Kolayat, immersed herself in an attempt to drink water in Kapil Sarovar. Did die When the mother came to know this, she prayed to the god Yama of death to resurrect her. At first, Yama secretly thought, but later he was forced to revive him as a rat.

Haloki Bikaner’s folk songs also tell a different story of these rats, according to which once an army of 20,000 soldiers came to draw on the country, the mother made rats with her glory and kept her in her service.