New technologies have changed the way we conceive of life and travel. Moving with a smartphone, photographing everything and sharing it on social networks has already become a custom for all those who move around the world, but is it as necessary as we think? We tell you those different travel situations in which you would appreciate if your smartphone’s battery is 0%. 

The air here is different, as are the aromas and sensations. In front of you, a great elephant devours bamboo branches wrapped in an ancient peace, in the middle of a jungle of a superlative green. And besides, if you sharpen your ear, you can hear the sound of a waterfall not too far away. Everything seems perfect … until something vibrates, and it is not Earth. It’s your smartphone, on whose screen the notification of a WhatsApp group appears: a bad joke has chased you thousands of kilometers and has just managed to steal you from a wonderful scene …

In a time when new technologies, beep-beep and posturing have been camouflaged in all areas of our lives, the need to know when to disconnect is more an obligation than a suggestion.

Especially if you are in one of these following situations in which I would appreciate if your smartphone battery is 0% :

Sunset at the Taj Mahal

The best sunsets in India


We know that going to the Taj Mahal and not taking a picture could be a sacrilege for many, especially after crossing that threshold that encourages taking the picture of rigor in front of the most beautiful mausoleum in the world. However, once you have succumbed to the rigorous Facebook post, turning off your mobile and enjoying the many corners of this monument is almost a must. Stroll through its gardens, look out over the Yamuna River, inspire the mysticism of the interior tombs and wait for a sunset that speaks, alone, of the love story that floats between the domes of this Unesco heritage. So turn it off, because you never know when your ex girlfriend will want to come back to you after seeing your Instagram Story in front of the most romantic monument in the world (sorry, Eiffel Tower).

On a train through India

Maharaja Express

© Bacon is magic Maharaja Express

Trains in India are like time capsules. Places where its colors, bustle and contrasts give almost meditative situations while your trip continues its course. If you travel by train through the Indian subcontinent, do not insist on photographing landscapes that pass at full speed . Just enjoy the pleasure of contemplating a country from its many perspectives without having to move from your seat (or your bed) or, of course, check a GPS you don’t need here. Forget phrases like: “In 300 meters turn right” …

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