Traveling as a family to India is an experience that we must carry out at least once in a lifetime, not only because of the contrasts and knowledge that the subcontinent inspires to the new generations of the West, but also because of the possibility of taking a safari through parts of the country where animals of all shapes and colors live together.

Children and nature: the charm of family travel and a safari in India

Traveling as a family - Bandavgarh

The premiere on April 15 of the new adaptation of The Jungle Book , a film that will delight the little ones, becomes the ideal excuse to explore the experience of traveling as a family to India and their safaris.

In this way, knowing the places that inspired the work of Rudyard Kipling and the Disney films becomes an even more stimulating adventure thanks to the satisfaction that the youngest of the house enjoy these newly explored places through the great screen.

The range of possibilities in India is very wide, having as referents such reserves as the Corbett National Park or the Periyar Tiger Reserve, an oasis in the midst of those tea plantations and villages that smell like spices in which the family can get into the natural sanctuaries of India under the appropriate security and the indications of a naturalist guide who will be in charge of making this experience a kind of rereading of the Book of the Jungle.

Traveling with family - Banjaar Tola

Traveling as a family to Kanha: the best safari for family visits

Of all the natural parks of India, we stay with Kanha, a national park located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, not far from an Agra city where the charm of the Taj Mahal will delight the older ones thanks to its beauty and romanticism. A perfect appetizer before entering the jungles of Mowgli; in that Jungle of the Book.

In the Kanha, the sighting of the Bengal tiger becomes the biggest highlight , delighting little ones who will be satisfied with the appearance of the lazy bear (Baloo) or even the black panther (Bagheera).

In fact, the name of Bagheera also baptizes a recreational area in which children can enjoy while the elderly relax in the room, explain the surroundings or manage the possibility of planning even better that visit to the interior of the jungle in that great and old will be delighted by new adventures.

Traveling with family - Chitvan Jungle Lodge

And it is that traveling as a family to India and their safaris becomes one of the best options to enjoy with our children the fauna of one of the countries most aware of the environment and sustainable initiatives, a good way to educate the new generations of travelers at the same time that we allow places like the Kanha to become eternal patrimonies.