The union between Disney and the Indian subcontinent becomes even more latent this spring, since the premiere of the new Book of the Jungle will impel us to make that long-awaited trip to the jungle of India.


Trip to the jungle - dinner at night

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A child covered only by a red loincloth wanders through an inhospitable jungle interrupted by jazz music from a temple, or the song that a lazy bear hums. Over the branches a black panther observes him, and in the plains the ancient elephant of a majarahá tries to recruit a group of elephants. Does it sound true? Yes, it is the most famous story that the jungle of The Jungle Book has known, a film whose new Disney adaptation arrives on screens on April 15.

Trip to the Jungle: India is full of them

During this month the union between India and Disney will become even more special thanks to the premiere of this new version; a good occasion to return to travel to the Indian subcontinent and even consider the idea of ​​packing  to the jungles that inspired the work of Rudyard Kipling and the subsequent animated film that we all know.

Trip to the jungle - Bandavgarh, Mahua Kothi

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And you will ask, where do I start if I want to take a trip to the jungle of India? Taking into account that the country includes 515 animal sanctuaries and more than 100 national parks scattered throughout its geography , the options are many when it comes to introducing ourselves into that mystical jungle.

From the exoticism of Kerala and its backwaters to the waterfalls of Balpakram National Park, in the state of Megalaya and adjacent to Bangladesh, India is full of dense forests in which the possibilities of a safari are (almost) infinite.

Jungle Trip - Jeep Safari

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Trip to the Jungle of the Book

Trip to the jungle - Bandavgarh, Mahua Kothi

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But if, on the other hand, you seek to make a trip to the jungle that inspired the Jungle Book , it is best to drop by the state of Madhya Pradesh, where the Kanha National Park , the same that inspired the work of Rudyard Kipling , it becomes the most beautiful natural sanctuary of India thanks to the contrast of its plains and jungles, the mist that caresses the tops of its hills, or the possibility of making that Disneyland route through the Mowgli forest.

The best thing is that the adventure does not end here, as our trip to the jungle continues towards the northwest, direction in which the Bandhavgarh National Park unfolds like the tail of a peacock, offering beautiful sunsets among the ruins in which could be dancing King Louie, and in front of a Bengal tiger that parades through those yellow forests considered the best place to spot this beautiful animal .

Taking a trip to the jungle of India will become a necessity during this spring, at the same time the best season of the year to travel to that world of color and mystery in which “seeking the most vital” becomes our particular philosophy traveler