f you drop in February for Agra, the city of Taj Mahal, one of the most fascinating artistic festivals in India awaits you. Do you come with us to the Taj Mahotsav?


Introduction to the Taj Mahotsav 2020

Poster of the Taj Mahotsav Uttar Pradesh Tourism Festival

Promotional poster of Taj Mahotsav. © UP Tourism

Of all the states of India, Uttar Pradesh is one of the best representatives of the Mughal heritage that ruled the heart of India between the 16th and 19th centuries. A culture whose tribute takes place every year during the so-called Taj Mahotsav, an art festival that takes place for ten days in Shilpgram , an artistic villa located in the famous city of Agra, the birthplace of attractions as highly valued as the Taj Mahal or its famous strong

An event in which up to 400 stands and different kiosks are responsible for exhibiting the best of the artistic guild of all India. A show where wood and stone sculptures typical of Tamil Nadu , marble works so typical of Agra, Kashmir paper mache, handmade rugs from Bhadohi, Varanasi silk or examples of art with bamboo and sugar cane from the state of Assam . These are just some of the examples that you will find in this event included by the Department of Tourism of India as one of the most recommended activities to enjoy if you are willing to travel to Agra in February .

Throughout up to 11 acres, the public can access all imaginable products, as many of the artists sell their most exclusive works in this market, finding gifts that you can not find in other Indian markets .

In turn, this feast of art and crafts is accompanied by other events ranging from typical dances to stalls of typical food through decorated elephants, concerts of Sufi music and even attractions for children.

Visiting the Taj Mahotsav 2020 festival

Bollywood dancer during the Taj Mahotsav

Typical dance show during © Taj Mahotsav.

If you are in the city of Agra from February 18 to 27, 2020 , visiting the Taj Mahotsav becomes one of the must-see visits to the Golden Triangle of India .

On the first day, a procession with typical costumes dancers and brightly colored elephants begin the festival with a tribute to the Mughal past, an empire in charge of deploying some of the most important architectural complexes in the area for 300 years.

After attending this first aperitif, you can lose yourself in the different charms that this appointment has prepared for you.

Color and art pieces in Taj Mahotsav market

Pottery in Taj Mahotsav. © what_i_love_by_anushka


400 different stands from across the Indian country meet here, at the Taj Mahotsav, during the 10 days of the festival. You can buy all kinds of items such as paintings, local art, shoes, fabrics, elephant figures and many other things. Would you like to acquire bright pottery from Khurja? Make you that famous henna tattoo you’ve been waiting for so long? All this and more is possible in this place that will delight lovers of art, markets and, why not, those in search of the best souvenir from India .

Tikka massala and other Indian dishes in Taj Mahotsav

Indian food dishes. © Max Pixel


The Indian cuisine itself represents another kind of art. One of even better textures and flavors. Numerous artistic influences that also hatch in the Taj Mahotsav in the form of various dishes from all over the subcontinent. The best way to taste a whole country through a single event.

Delight in the tropical flavors of a Kerala sadya or its coconut and curry fish, a delicious massala tikka or even more select bajis. Thousand options that combine with all tastes, including vegetarian food, those even more spicy flavors or drinks that you did not expect to find in India.

The best way to combine the best art with street food to taste sitting or while you go through the many contrasts of the market.


The Taj Mahotsav is the perfect framework to inspire the artistic spirit of India from different perspectives. One of them consists of a series of shows and concerts in which the folk music of India joins in one place to display shows full of rhythm and color. One of the best examples is the Brij Bhumi , a street show in which different numbers of local dances are performed in addition to the presence of different artists from all over the country.

Indian show at the Taj Mahotsav

Typical music concert. © Taj Mahotsav

Attractions for children

If you are going to travel to India with children and you drop by the Taj Mahotsav, you will like to know that the event has many attractions for the little ones. The so-called Fun Fairis a set of attractions like tíovivos and roller coaster in which the youngest of the house can have a great time, although the festival also has the presence of animals.

Shilpgram: A paradise of art and shopping

Jewelery and decoration in Shilpgram during the Taj Mahotsav

Store in Shilpgram. © Taj Mahotsav

The Taj Mahotsav is held every year at Shilpgram, considered a shopping paradise in Agra . In this way, even if you travel to India on a different date, you can always take advantage of this opportunity to escape to this open-air space where a lot of items of clothing, furniture or “made in India” decoration are sold.

A walk through a monumental area around a huge square whose reddish color evokes the typical architecture of Agra and hides numerous shops where you can enjoy a typical dish while you haggle or take a look.

Alternative plans that you can complement with a night visit to the Taj Mahal during a full moon night, the best closing for a different afternoon at the shopping mecca in Agra.