In the center of Rajasthan stands the Blue City, a town of obligatory passage in any trip. We tell you what to do in Jodhpur so that it is not just a stop along the way.

What to do in Jodhpur - Mehrangarh Walls

Second city of the state of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is located in the symbolic knot between the Thar desert and the Aravali forests, the mountain range that crosses the state from north to south. From Marwar or Jodhpur the founders of Bikaner left and if a principality has been key in the configuration of the current Rajasthan it is Marwar. Despite the long history of the Blue City,  it is still little known and many wonder what to do in Jodhpur and how many days to dedicate.

Jodhpur is well worth a couple of days, if not more. On the one hand, it has the Umaid Bhawan Palace one of the luxury hotels in Rajasthan located in royal palaces . The peculiarity of the imposing Umaid Bhawan is that the royal family continues to share part of the building with its exclusive guests. The last palace of Marwar can be seen from many points of the city, almost as present as the Fort of Mehrangarh, the historical seat of the principality of Jodhpur. Built on the same rock, the walls are sometimes confused with the mountain and its robust exterior presence, hides the most delicate lattices of Rajastani architecture and some beautiful palaces that compete with Udaipur and Jaipur among the best in India. Its excellent materialization tells the epic chivalry and the palace loves that once inhabited these walls. Only from there will you understand why Jodhpur is known as the Blue City, since a large majority of the houses in the old city wear a blue or indigo once reserved for families of Brahmins.

What to do in Jodhpur - Blue City

When descending, it is worth stopping at Jaswant Thada, a spectacular set of royal cenotaphs. After the obligatory visit to the historical heritage, there are several things you have to do in Jodhpur . Do not miss the Torre del Reloj market, which has recently been renovated to become pedestrian . Various knick-knacks, fabrics and groceries share space with the famous spice merchants of Jodhpur and sellers of lassi, a yogurt smoothie recognized throughout the country. Strolling through the old city, will take you through ritual ponds and stepped wells where water was kept for the court and the temples. You will also find some spectacular colonial and antique furniture showrooms. Getting lost among warehouses full of all kinds of trunks, chests, cabinets and gates, along with grain mills, spinning machines and other antiques is a pleasure that is best accompanied by a chai.

Things to do in Jodhpur - Bishnoi

If you still want more, in the vicinity of Jodhpur you will find visits to tribal groups such as the Bishnoi , famous for their legendary respect for nature, or the remains of Mandore, the first capital of Marwar. Still wondering what to do in Jodhpur if you stay one more night?