In a world where it is not always easy to choose your next destination, we suggest you discover where to travel according to your zodiac sign.


Where to travel according to your zodiac sign

Aries (From March 21 to April 20)

Adventurous and energetic, the Aries are confident people without fear of entering new territories. They flee from the massive and dare to test their bravery in places perhaps not so explored by the rest of the mortals. Hence, the ideal destination for an Aries is …

River on its way through the Indus Valley

Jammu and Kashmir  make up one of the most mysterious and exciting corners of the world. A state trapped in the Indian Himalayas  that unfolds a myriad of places like theIndus Valley , lunar landscapes and nomadic peoples, the mysticism of the mosques of Srinagar or the blue of the Pangong Tso , one of the most impressive lakes in the world .

Taurus (From April 21 to May 20)

The Taurus is patient and determined, affectionate and of good heart. A person who enjoys the pleasures of life without giving up the possibility of feeling comfortable, like at home. The best destination for the Taurus is one in which to rest and keep everything under control but, at the same time, that offers unique natural landscapes and peace. Hence, the best place for you is …

Browse the marshes of Kerala in India

Known as the “Land of God”, the state of Kerala located in South India is the closest thing to a paradise. 900 kilometers of canals soak up this scenario of endless coconut trees and small huts interspersed with colorful chapels erected during Portuguese rule. The best canvas in which to dive on board a typical rice boat through the famous  backwaters that sail this tropical and spicy land.

Gemini  ( From the 21st of m to I  to the 21st of June)

Gemini are adaptable and energetic. People in constant change and so full of concerns that you can do different things at the same time, being your ideal destination that offers variety and creativity, in which nothing is linear. And that destiny is …

Marina Drive, best place to watch sunset in Mumbai

Far from the mystical and palatial stereotype of India, Mumbai has its own personality. The largest city in the country is a microcosm of stimuli ranging from a day in the Bollywood shows to the architectural remnants of the British Empire through its shops, clubs or maritime atmosphere. Without a doubt, the flagship destination for the Gemini.

Cancer (From June 22  to July 23)

The sign of Cancer is one of the most emotional horoscopes and, as such, also one of the most romantic . In addition, he cultivates a special interest in the past, its treasures, antiquities and palaces. And, what is the destination that best evokes romance and history in the same package?

Taj Mahal, the best place for cancer

The city of Agra , the third corner of the famous Golden Triangle of India , was one of the great settlements of the Mughal culture. Proof of this are its cuisine, monumental complexes such as the Red Fort but, especially, the Taj Mahal . The one that is one of the most famous monuments in the world was erected in 1631 by Prince Shah Jahan in honor of his late wife Mumtaz Mahal, making this mausoleum the perfect magnet of any Gemini.

Leo (July 24th  to l 23  to August)

The Leo sign is faithful and loving, but also an unquestionable leader who likes luxury and exclusivity . It is up to date and enjoy the pleasures of the world in fashionable places that provide a unique experience. And we have the perfect destination for you.

Piano Deck in Baros Maldives

Its dreamy beaches, tale islets and luxury resorts make Maldives a piece of heaven on Earth itself. An archipelago where choosing the best resort becomes the key factor when it comes to making your adventure an unforgettable one. From the Pool Villa of Baros Maldives to the dining experience aboard a unique dhoni in Milaidhoo , the greatest paradise in the world is full of possibilities.

If, in addition, you are planning a wedding, traveling to Maldives can become the best success.

Virgo (From 24  to August  to September 23)

Virgo people are meticulous and analytical, so they like to keep everything under control and, if possible, in places free of overcrowding. If it is also clean and quiet scenarios, much better. Do you want to know what your ideal destiny is?

Children stretch nets on a lake in Assam in India

One of the most unknown states of India is in turn one of its great treasures. Blessed by kilometer-long tea plantations, epic waterfalls and rhinoceros-dwelling forests ( Kaziranga Park is the best example), Assam can claim to have the cleanest village in all of Asia : Mawlynnong .

Libra (From September 24  to October 23)

The Libra aim for harmony, but until they reach it, they navigate between two streams constantly. Lovers of the quiet, but also of the frenetic in certain occasions, you deserve to travel to …

Sri Lanka beach photographed with drone

Sri Lanka is the ideal island to find peace. The kilometric beaches south of this “Indian tear” contrast with the Buddhist sites of its  Cultural Triangle or national parks as imposing as the Yala , conforming the perfect scenario in which to reconnect and combine different environments in the same destination.

Are we going on a trip to Sri Lanka ?

Scorpio (From October 24  to November 22)

Scorpios are magnetic and sensitive, knowing the truth. Emotional people with a certain mystical character that you like to navigate to the last dimension of that unique destiny that would be …

Colors and people in the city of Varanasi in India

Varanasi . If there is a spiritual place in India that is the city overlooking the Ganges , the most sacred river of the Hindu religion , the also known as Benares becomes a pilgrimage for thousands of people who decide to come to their crematoriums or descend for their famous ghats (or steps) to embrace the waters of a river that symbolizes the union between the earthly and the mystical world.

Sagittarius (From November 23  to December 21)

Risky? Adventuress? Danger lover? Then surely you are Sagittarius, that sign that either through sports, hobbies or travel loves to enjoy the strong emotions that life offers. The perfect visitor to climb to this place:

Climbing to the Tiger's Nest of Bhutan

The Nest of the Tiger of Bhutan  that was founded by a guru who flew from the valley of Paro to this mountain on the back of a tigress with wings. Although we believe that he preferred to ascend through the exciting ravines that precede this fascinating place turned into the greatest icon of the happiest country in the world .

Would you like to travel to Bhutan ?

Capricorn  (From December 22  to January 20)

The Capricorn is reserved and cautious, owner of a great discipline that applies to his work and activity, although he needs to resort to meditation on several occasions to maintain that base and continue moving towards its iron targets. A sign that would love a place like …

Woman practices yoga and meditation in Pune

Cradle of great meditators in the state of Maharashtra, Pune is home to the  Ramamani Iyin gar Memorial  Yoga  In stitute (RIMYI) of BKS Iyengar , whose style of yoga is one of the most famous in the world, or the Osho International Meditation Resort a oasis where to learn the doctrines of the famous yogi in an environment of total contemplation.

Aquarium (From January 21  to February 19)

An Aquarian is altruistic and humanitarian. A person who defends freedom but at the same time has a tireless appetite for contrasts, perfection. For places that go ahead to the tastes of the rest of the world. And a good state of India in which to land for you is …

7 charming villages in South India - Hampi in Karnataka

“One state, many worlds” is the slogan of a land of  Karnataka in which contrasts follow each step. The complex of 350 temples of the glorious Hampi marks the beginning of a route in which to approach the contrast of modernity and tradition of Mysore , the city of the Palacios , or Bangalore , the most technological city of India .

Hampi can become one of the great destinations during your trip to India .

Pisces (From February 20th  to l 20 m to RZO)

Friendly and affectionate, Pisces are empathic people who, from time to time, need to recharge their batteries in a new destination. They are also very creative and historical lovers, so we can not think of a better idea than …

The great stupa of Bounadath in the center of Kathmandu in Nepal

The city of Kathmandu , in Nepal , is the ideal place to regain strength. The so-called “country of smiles” offers neighborhoods potters, glorious stupas like Boudanath and a welcoming people that fit perfectly with the spirit Pisces.