Chennai and Visakhapatnam are roughly covered with dark green tropical forests, the archipelago provides an abundance of wildlife, which includes some extremely rare species of birds, but the main attraction for tourists is located in the beaches and most islands of ancient islands Have the ring in.

In the crystal-clear water of the Andaman Sea, full of colorful fish and kaleidoscopic corals, the world’s richest and least poor seawater stores – perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Although some of the visitors still appear in some parts of the archipelago, Andaman is now firmly on the tourist circuit.

For administrative purposes, Andamans are grouped with the Nicobar islands, which are 200 km further south, but they are strict boundaries for foreigners, and there is no Indian indirect trade with them. About two hundred islands form Andaman groups and Nicobar nineteen. They are of different sizes, the peak of a submarine mountain range, which stretches 755 km away from the Arakan Yum series in Burma to the banks of Sumatra in the south.
Andaman Nicobar island Beach

The most remote people are populated in parts of indigenous tribes, whose numbers have been dramatical as a result of the European settlement of the nineteenth century and recently, deforestation on a large scale is now at least restricted in theory.

Wood-extract cash is now quite a tether with the cow, hope that tourism will change tree-cutting as the main source of revenue for Andamans. However, additional visitor numbers have been envisaged that there is already more to remove insufficient infrastructure, lack of seasonal water and sewage disposal problems.

Looking at India’s track record with tourism development, it is difficult to be optimistic about how these issues will be managed. Consequently, this is not a small pity that is planning to allow flights from South East Asia and to get into India in Port Blair permanently captures further limitations, because this cultural and ecologically The effect on the delicate area can be devastated.

South Andaman-

The South Andaman is the most populous of Andaman islands – especially around the capital Blair – thanks to the rugged thin part of the tree to make a way to deal with this problem. Foreign tourists can reach south and east-only – including the coastal coaches of Cobain and Chiria Tapu, on the west coast, on the banks of Pansat, 35 km south-west of Port Blair, and the beaches on the landscape of Madhuban and Mount Harriet From the east coast across the Gulf.

With its own transport, connecting with small villages formed in the form of edges, knitting through the fields of forests and coconut, and finding their way on the edge of ridges of swamps and rocks is easy.

Neil Island –
Tiny, triangular shape Neil is the southernmost island of Richie’s archipelago, which is two hours before the north-east of Port Blair on the Fast Ferry. Many sources of fresh fruit and vegetables from the capital, its fertile center, revolve around the curtains of magnificent tropical trees, including small fields and banana plants, with bright green patches of green leaves. The beaches are mediocre by the standards of the Andamans, but for a day or two, from Havelock or a route is worth it, because it develops less with less than ten housing options, some visitor to stay extended Busy neighbor likes it.

Neil boasts of five beaches, all of which are above the lane of Jetties within the distance of easy small bicycles of small markets.

The best place to swim is the Neil Center, which is a clue of white sand on the northern coast which is rotating on the jetties and scattered with beautiful wooden fishing boats. In the past Bharatpur contains this mixture and Laxman, which is about 3 km Continues to the west: To reach Lakshmi Nagar from the road, the right of the head when the Jaiti meets the road market and adheres to the road for twenty minutes until it falls in the way of any surface, take one right Wrapped around Lo Headland, the beach is a wide variety of white-urban sands, with shallow water offering good snorkelling, although at the time of entering the water other than high tide Tons are difficult.

The open sea is exposed and thus there is a possibility of high tide, 6 km southeast Sitapur beach of the Nile center is also attractive and is taking advantage of the benefits of the sandy bottom spread in the sea. Riding on the land of Neel’s central paddy is pleasant, but there are no facilities outside the two new guest houses on the intermediate Ramnagar beach.

Havelock Beach –

After partition, by Bengali refugees – Havelock is the largest island in Ricci’s archipelago, and most intensely farming, systematic – like many people in this area – thanks to your regular boat connection with the capital, also in the Andamans And is done in more numbers than.

In recent peak season, one thousand tourists can be hidden here at a time, in which the number of well-comforted Indians increases, thereby exploding in the housing and tourist shops.

North Andaman-

Chunked in a dense forest, the northern Andaman is at least populated with large islands of this region, which crosses a different road and connects its scattered Bengali settlements. Although the parts have been seriously logged, the total absence of driveable roads in the northern and western areas has ensured blanket conservation for the vast stretch of complex coastal areas, which is the North Tip from Austin Strait in south-west, Cape Price Is running up to; It is convinced to know that there is at least one elaborate jungle alive in the Andaman Islands.

Despite the completion of the bridge from the last section of the ATR and the bridge in central Andaman, the main settlement of the DIGLIRUU has been present in the relative solitude.

Known in the British era as Port Cornwallis, the largest settlement of North Andaman is another disappointing market, where you are likely to have long walks and choose a local bus from the coast north. As long as you are not returning the boat (Navigimm or Ross Islands) or Port Blair, it is better to stay 9 km north-east of Ariyal Bay, just 9 km from Kalipur, where there is a beautiful desert beach, Which is supported by the prevailing forest

And the swim involved in photogenic driftwood is best on high tide because the rocky sludge of the water turns out in the pool. Offshore snorkeling is also excellent, especially with rock which is 500 meters away towards Islet.

It is possible to walk from Kalipur to Saddle Peak, the highest mountain in Andaman in 737 meters, which rises dramatically in the south, is full of green jungle. Permission to climb three to four hours should be obtained from the range officer at the Forest Checkpost near the beginning of the climb, but it should be tried without guides and plenty of drinking water.

Another pleasant day trip is near the limestone caves, 12 km south of Ramnagar beach, the best use is done by Dinga from Kalipur. At the Priests Beach Resort, you can arrange guides for Dingai or Saddle Peak Climbs.

Elephant Beach-
Elephant beach is an ideal place for water sports and leisure travel. Located on the beach in Havelock, you will be in a different world. Its rich coral reef structure and wonderful sea marine life will definitely tell you about it and want you to keep coming back for more. The elephant beach is still the best place to travel to Andaman Island and you will find many Indian and foreign citizens here. This place is ideal for relaxing with meals and drinks during leisure time. Besides, if you feel like some fun activities, then beaches like diving, snorkeling, swimming, bird watching, trekking, and kayaking. The game offers. Due to its famous for coral reefs, walking in the sea also actively participates and the best part is that any person with enthusiasm for adventure can get involved in the fun inside this water.
The elephant beach is located in Havelock Island and if you have not yet discovered on the beach yet, make sure that you do this on this holiday you can reach the beach from the main jetty, which is about 20 minutes navy island Dock is in the boat. You can also get a public bus from the main jetty or rent a bike. You can also get an auto that is found around the jetty in Havocock Island.

Port Blair- Andaman Nicobar

Port Blair-

Port Blair is a popular tourist destination and it is the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The island is surrounded by rugged beach and tropical forest, but despite this fact for hot and humid biome, this island is a beautiful environment. Port Blair blooms with various tourists flying from different places and it is clear that this place looks different faces every year.

The city is popular for the infamous Cellular Jail National Monument, which was once a jail where many freedom fighters and other civilians were imprisoned. Today, this place serves as a famous attraction that must be traveled.

Port Blair attracts tourists from all over the country, not just for being a clean city, but for its magnificent beautiful coral reefs.

Tourism in Andaman and Nicobar will take you a breathtakingly interesting place and for some major tourist attractions such as the Ross Island, this island was formerly the seat of British administration. Before the creation of the Wiper Island, cellular prison, the island was a place to capture the criminals. Radhanagar beach, this is a beautiful beach, which was given the opportunity to become the best beach in Asia in Time 2004. Today the cellular gel, known as black water, was used by the British to capture the black political prisoners; This site serves as a museum Havelock Island, the island is the largest of all the islands in Andaman. There are many attractive beaches in Port Blair, including many beach activities, such as parasailing, banana boat rides, as well as underwater and water activities such as scuba diving, sea walking etc.

Capital provides tourists with a full leisure experience; With family, joints, honeymoon or thrill enthusiasts. Port Blair, a final holiday destination is something for everyone.