World-renowned Dal Lake is one of the major tourist attractions in Srinagar, the summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. One of the most beautiful and picturesque lakes in India, it gives visitors 360 views of powerful Himalayas.

Dal lake Kashmir

Srinagar was the summer resort of Mughal rulers of India and they made this lake beautiful with pavilions near Mughal-type gardens and banks.

The second largest lake in the state, it is known as ‘various jewels in the Taj of Kashmir’ and ‘various jewels of Srinagar’. The lake sometimes gets accumulated during the winter season. The lake is used for harvesting fish culture and water plant.

Dal lake Kashmir India

Located in the heart of the city, there are more than 1000 wooden houseboats which are popular with tourists, who also travel in prey. It is also known for its nearly 500 Victorian era wooden houseboats. (Made during the reign of landless British administrators as vacation homes)

The lake, which once falls 12 square miles, has reduced size in size due to odor, weed, and growth in the last four decades. Now this lake is 6.4 km long and 4 km wide and it is divided into four basins, which are called Zagreb, Lokat Dal, Bod Dal and Nagin.

There is an inlet in the western part of the lake. This is the deepest part of the lake. The coastline of the lake (approx 15.5 kilometers) is underlined with Mughal era garden, park, houseboat, and hotel.

Dal lake Srinagar India

Houseboats are available in the eastern part of the lake. Boats providing most modern amenities Kashmiri used to call boats for “the boat of Kainath Sahib”. The gift has been given with the intuitive sense of beauty and design, Kashmiri is the most artistic way to decorate the interior of the houseboat and make it the most comfortable. Shikara (a spherical small gondola, aligned with heart-shaped paddle) is attached to the boat of each house as a water cab. In Hunters, the vendors went to the house-boat door; A floating market of fruits, flowers, shawls, carpets, ornament, and handicrafts. (Cost of 300 hours for a full 4-5 hours trip to the lake, or 500).

On a boat ride in the lake, one can see interesting vegetation and organisms. Flora includes lotus flowers, water lilies and water tablets. Notable birds are Kingfisher and Heron. In addition to the houseboat, anyone can enjoy cooking, canoeing, water surfing and licensed on the lake.

Dal Lake

The famous Nishat Bagh (Gladness Garden) is located here. This garden was kept in 1632 by Asr Khan, brother of Noor Jahan. From here, one can enjoy a magnificent view of the lake and the mountains.

Shalimar Bagh is located at the end of a canal which leads to Dal Lake. This Jahangiri had made for his wife Noor Jahan. The garden is distinguished by a series of roofs connected to the channel of water. They are surrounded by decorative pools which can be reached using stepping stones. There are three pavilions Most of the upper pavilions are black marble pillars. In the walls, there is a lot for flowers and lamps. There are two halls for private (Diwan-e-Khas) and public audiences (Diwan-i-M) in the two lower pavilions.