In Himachal Pradesh, on the eastern edge of the Kullu valley at an altitude of 2050 meters, Manali is said to be “the Queen of the snowy beauty”, it will not be unreasonable. Manali spiral paths surrounded by pine and cedar trees, peaks of sky-covered mountains and mountains flowing through the hills, are full of passion for the lovers.There is no beautiful place for outdoor shooting. Films are kept shooting here. Icy sports are also there. Manali is the best place for skating, paragliding and hiking youths. There is also the basis of many trekking routes here. Slang slopes for Sking and Heli skiing are counted among the world’s best natural slopes.

Manali Vacation Himachal Pradesh

There are many scenic places in Manali (Manali) that tell you about them in detail.

Hadimba Devi Temple– After 1 km from the main bus stand, you will be amazed to see the artwork and architecture of this temple built by Pagodas in Dungari Devi Forest area. Built in the dense forest of fir trees, this temple was built in 1553 by Kulu Maharaja Bahadur Singh. Hadimba is considered as Kuldevi of Kullu. This is the same Hadimba, with whom Bhima married Gandhharva in the Age of Ages. Ghatovakchuk, son of Hadimba, had released six sixes of Kauravas in the Mahabharata war.He was a demon, so Kunti was not ready to make her own daughter in the house. He also said that when Hadimba had a son, he and Bhima would remain separate. This temple was constructed at the place where Bhima was met by Hadimba.

Hadimba Devi Temple

Lord Buddha Temple– Lord Buddha has many artistic idols in this temple near the base. The temple’s craft and its image is also visible. In these paintings there are pictures of many Goddess Powers and demons besides Buddha. Many ancient Buddhist instruments and pothis have been kept here. There are a large number of Buddhists living here. In the temple, the Buddhist monument “Om Mani Padme Hum” resounds, from which the surrounding environment becomes spiritual.

Lord Buddha Temple

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Vashishtha Temple– On crossing the bridge of Vyas river 3 km from Manali, 3 km away, there is a temple of Vashista Temple on the banks of the Vyas river. Located on an elevation of 6200 feet, the roof of this temple is made of gray stones. This place is also famous for the Kunda of Sulfur. Diameter comes out of the river diameter.

Manu Temple– This attractive temple situated in Manali village has a special belief that Brahma’s son Manu had done penance here. That is why Manu started the creation of the human creation.

Solang Ghati – On the Kothi road, the picturesque hills and glacieros near Rohtang have a great panoramic renaissance. Here’s a nice downhill for Ice Skating. There are several good private hotels around this valley, 13 km from Manali.

Rohtang Darra- Located at an elevation of 3890 meters 53 kilometers from Manali, this pass is considered as the gateway to the remote Lahoul Spiti Marg of Himachal Pradesh. It is only open for four months of the year. The snow covered mountains can be seen here even during the summer season. Yaks and horses are available to see this passage of 2 km long snowy. To get here, special snow and coat rentals are available. Due to snowfall, this pass is closed from November to June 15. The diameter of the river emerges from the same diameter kund.

rohtang darra Manali

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Arjuna Cave – About 5 km away from Manali, this cave is said that Arjun had done penance for obtaining the Pashupat weapon here.

Jagat Sukh – 6km away from Manali, there are many ancient temples here. Gauri Shankar Temple was constructed from the oldest stones of Himachal Pradesh in the eighth century. Jagat Sukh Nagar has remained the capital of kings of Kullu state.

Nehru Kund – This waterfall of cold water is also visible on Rohtang road, 6 km away from Manali.

Rahla– Located on the height of 2501 meters, situated 6 km away from Kothi, tourists visit here to see this waterfalls.

Mountaineering Institute – Information about mountain climbing is given to the youth of India and abroad who are interested in mountaineering. The trekking tour is also organized from this institute.

Madhi – Here is the Hutas operated by the Himachal Tourism Corporation. The settlers who walk in Manali stop here. There is no tree, no ice, and rock

Tibetan Market – Tibetan items can be purchased in this market adjacent to Mall road near Manali bus stand. Shops Tibetan women run.

Tibetan monastery – This monastery made of Tibetan style is also visible. Tibetan rugs are made here. These beautiful beautiful carpets buy tourists with great interest.

How to Reach Manali

Airway – The nearest airport to reach Manali is Kullu. There is a lot of flying from Delhi for Kullu in the week.

Rail Route – The adjacent railway station is Chandigarh which is 258 km away from Kullu. There is no direct rail service for Kullu Manali. To reach Kullu-Manali via Shimla, a big train can be reached to Kalka and after that toy car can be shipped from Shimla. For Manali you can visit Shimla, Yogendranagar or Kirtpur by train. The rest is just available for travel.

Road route – There are direct bus services available from Chandigarh, Shimla to Kullu-Manali, Delhi, Shimla, Chandigarh and Dehradun.

Best Time to visit Manali– The best time to visit Manali from April to June and September to November. To enjoy the snow, go to January. Tibetan rugs, artistic items, shawls and pistachios can be good items for shooping in Manali.